Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 57

I have been trying to choose different molds for each day - I'm not sure how long I can go before I need to repeat a mold.   The heat here in the south has really starting cooking us!   I decided it was time  to get out of the city and "hit the beach" for the weekend!

For this photo shoot, I chose one of the first Fashion Royalty dolls I ever purchased.    She is from 2004 and was the IFDC doll from that year.  She was released in an edition size of 500 and cost $125.   She is one of the few Veronique 1.0 mold versions still living here.  She is Diamond Dusted Veronique Perrin.
She has borrowed the swimsuit from her sister Chic Escape.   I originally bought this doll NRFB, along with two others, at a doll show here in Atlanta.  She was part of my actual first Integrity Toys purchase but, unfortunately, was sold during my divorce.  It was a painful sell.
But, with patience, a few years later I was able to purchase the head from Ann in Florida with a partial re-root.  I gave Vero a tall body, so I'm not too stressed that I don't own her original pantsuit ensemble.  When I was uploading photos, I realized I forgot to put in earrings - but who goes swimming in earrings anyway, right?

When I review my collection, I just look at Diamond Dusted and think … "This is where it all started."  Even without eyelashes, I believe she is one of most beautiful dolls who resides here.


olla123 said...

To wspaniała lalka! Ma piękny, delikatny makijaż i cudowny strój! Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

Shasha said...

She indeed is a classic beauty. You were right at keeping her in your house.

Roville said...

I love that you are playing with one of the older dolls. So often we neglect them in favour of new. She looks lovely and is worthy of your attention.

Vanessa said...

She is a real beauty. I was expecting to see her near some beach water. Glad you were able to add her back to your collection.