Saturday, July 11, 2015

Introduction #2 - Nimue

I remember the day in 2007 this doll went on sale at FAO Schwartz.  It was total madness.  I actually called the NYC store multiple times to purchase her.   My perseverance paid off.

The gift set includes three separate outfits.  There is the evening gown, taupe colored sheath with coat, lingerie with lounging robe that has marabou trim, purse, sunglasses, jewelry, and three pair of shoes.  This was the very first time Kyori was produced in Japan skin tone.  (It was three years before the effort was duplicated.)

The presentation was beautiful and I love blonde haired Kyori girls (my very favorite Fashion Royalty doll of all time is Blonde Ginza).

[Includes edit to reflect a reader's comment:   From the very beginning this doll reminded me of a character from the King Arthur myths.  I love the Merlin mini-series and A Brighter Side has always reminded me of Miranda Richardson portraying the "Lady of the Lake".   The Lady of the Lake has been given different names by different authors, including the name Nimue (pronounced Nim-uh-e).  In the Merlin mini-series, the writer's gave Nimue a separate character portrayed by Isabella Rosselini.   I'm sorry my earlier blog entry was not specific enough.  I combined the mini-series character with the Nimue name from written myth.  ]

This is easily the best gown ever produced by Integrity Toys!
The gift set was so beautiful, I wanted to leave it untouched as long as possible.   It took eight years to finally debox this doll, and the reason I did was that the head had started to yellow slightly.  ACK!
This doll's eyes always reminded me of someone who was drowsy.  I decided she was joining some sisters on a trip to Veronica Hage's spa.  I decided on green eyes that were centered.  I also wanted to get rid of those pesky dark lines in the lips.   So, here is my Lady of the Lake.
When Nimue isn't minding the lake, she travels among us disguised as a beautiful business lady.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Introducing "Shea"

Shock Bon Bon has been residing in a box in the closet for a very long time.   I have purchased her three times and sold her twice!   She was the very first Vanessa Perrin mold 1.0; however, she suffered from a horrible eye screening.
As everyone knows, the bodies on these early dolls deteriorate and become brittle.  After her neck broke and I removed the knob from inside her head, I carefully wrapped her head for safe keeping and put her away.  

Last summer I sent three dolls to Veronica Hage for enhancement.  (All three are among my favorites in my collection now.)   Veronica was my table host at the only convention I ever attended and has become a friend.  I love her work.  I've never been a collector who chases after One of a Kind (OOAK) dolls.  I like my dolls to retain a certain resemblance to their original production releases.  Veronica is great at enhancing a doll without losing its original personality during the transition.  That's a difficult feat and one I appreciate and admire.

I had been corresponding with Veronica over the winter and spring, so when her schedule opened a little, I jumped in!  Shock Bon Bon was one of the dolls I sent her.  She has now become Shea.
Few people in the collecting community actually "get me" when it comes to my taste in dolls.  Veronica is one of those people.  She was so excited to attempt a doll with Heterochromia Iridis (Irises with different colors).   

I put Shea on a FR2 body.  It just seemed the right thing for her.  Unfortunately, there still aren't a lot of clothing options for these dolls.  She wants to go shopping for some more clothing!
I am so happy to have this doll in my collection.    I think Shea is going to be around for a very long time!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Need to Plug Up My Mailbox

Apparently, they are getting in somehow!  Another one!

Angel in Blue Poppy Parker.  If this keeps up, I will no longer be able to say "I Do NOT Collect Poppy Parker."  (I guess I shouldn't be saying that now.  What am I?  A closeted Poppy Parker collector?)

I was able to snag one on e-bay at a great price.  How do you resist such a face?  And that hair is so amazing.  Blonde hair and brown eyes.  Crisp red lips.  Thatched brow lines.  She looks more modern than previous Poppy girls, but I LOVE this doll!