Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Banquet

I felt really sad tonight.  I have met so many wonderful doll people and believe I have made some true friends.  Veronica, our table host, was amazing.  She is one of the sweetest, dearest people you could ever hope to meet.  Everyone at our table was so friendly.  I have a special place in my heart for Victoria.  Christine is so beautiful.  I hope to e-mail back and forth with Veronica forever.

I have put faces to names and cannot believe how many incredible doll people I have added to my list of friends - there's Michael aka Monkeyhaircutter and David, Rob, Uriah/Rob, Denise, PetraElise, Deb, Debbie, Rhonda, Rebecca, Brent, Deron, Patrick, Shuga Shug, Franklin, and the list just keeps going.  I wasn't able to catch up to everyone I wanted to meet and the names and faces are just swimming in my fuzzy brain right now! I finally got to meet Rich and he is coming to visit next weekend. 

We got our doll that was missing from the box with the dress.  It is mold #3 Vanessa.  That's right - Mold #3.  She is gorgeous!

Every Vanessa lover should be very happy.  She is an awesome addition to the Integrity Line Up.  This particular dolls reminds me a great deal of Shock Bon Bon with better eye screening. 

The table centerpiece tonight was Eugenia.  Everyone knows what a Eugenia lover I am.  Guess who won the opportunity to purchase her?  My husband!  He definitely redeemed himself from the DG!

This girl is a tan, raven haired beauty.

Then out comes the convention doll.  She was a giftset.  She was in the coolest packaging - it was like a beach/travel bag.

There are three outfits included with the doll - and she is an Imogen!!

And what a lovely face up!  Again, I apologize for the glare.  There was no natural light tonight.
We're leaving out early in the morning.  Hopefully I'll get some photos of the Color Infusion dolls soon.  They are much better than anticipated.  Everyone knows I am one of the loudest screamers and hardest kickers when it comes to a new body style.  We'll see how it goes.

BTW, have you ever heard of Non-Buyer's Remorse.  I started regretting not getting the Elise Centerpiece from the Integrity Club Luncheon today.  My husband and I went for a walk on the grounds and to sit on the beach.  He ordered a drink and it cost $30.  On the way back to the room, we briefly stopped by the Sales Room.  They had a few leftover Elise and Victoire for sale.  He said, "Heck, if a drink costs $30 here, go ahead and get your doll!" 

What a great husband I have.

We found out that the convention will be held in Los Angeles next year - they're going to the West Coast. 

Someone had speculated that the Loni Lawrence doll was the Breakfast at Tiffany mold.  I spoke with David Buttrey and he confirms that is correct!

Some Very Creative Doll People

One of my favorite part of the Integrity Convention was looking at the contest entries.  They were in a room across from the Sales Room.  First there were several dressed dolls.  I have several photos.  The gowns were quite intricate.  (Forgive the photos, but I relied on room lighting.)

I'll start with the Anja (I believe) in tis gorgeous orange confection.
Next up are a pair of dolls that look like beautiful tropical orchids.  For some reason my camera wouldn't stay focused off the Venus Eugenia in the background.
Probably because Venus is on my list of "will never own" dolls.  Here she is.

There was a beautiful fuschia girl.
I really liked the colors in this entry.
I couldn't photograph each doll individually.  So, I apologize to anyone I missed.  I appreciate the incredible amounts of time and effort to create an outfit, and the omission was not intentional.  
 I cannot imagine which doll will win.  They were all so extraordinary. The diorama entries were also in this room.  There was doll sleeping inside an aquarium. This was very clever.  It reminded me of an old movie I watched as a little girl about a family living on the bottom of the sea.
There was a lovely diorama of an upscale apartment.
 There was a birdcage with dolls dresses as birds.  It was breathtaking.
There was a Nadja wren on the lawn.
There was a beautiful bird opening the cage door.
There were two very exotic dolls inside the cage. The first ...
And the other ...
In your Convention package there was a ballot for voting for your favorites in each category.  It will be exciting to see who wins.

The competitions entries were in the same room as the raffle items.  Integrity brings out many dolls they have produced and attendees can purchase raffle tickets to put in boxes for each doll.  There were just too many to photograph.  You can buy and enter as many raffle tickets as you want.  I didn't buy any.  

They had color version of the IFDC Shake It Up Korrine.  They gave away three at Welcome Dinner and three at the Poppy luncheon.  I don't know how many they made or how many will be given out tonight.

There were also two OOAK dolls.  One was a 16 inch doll and the other was a Eugenia in a gorgeous gown.

I thought you would enjoy seeing this side of the convention.  I am off to the banquet!  Can't wait to see what happens tonight!

Dolly Overdose

My husband and I went to the W Club Luncheon today.  They didn't allow photos of the presentation.  Jason Wu showed up and answered questions.  The most exciting information was that we will see another Audrey Hepburn doll next year ... are you ready ... hold on tight ... it will be the original Veronique mold and she is GORGEOUS!

The centerpiece doll was a bleach blonde Elise in Japan skintone.  Her hair was parted in the middle.  The dress was exquisite, but I wasn't wowed by the doll herself.  She was $150.  Each attendee was allowed to purchase one.  I passed on her.  My husband and I gave our purchase opportunities to others at the table.  

Then there was a "mystery" doll.   Everyone got to purchase one.  You cannot imagine my excitement when I found it was a tan skintone Victoire.  Her name is Saint Tropez.  She is just fabulous.

I love this doll!  She was $85.  I got one.  We passed our other purchase to another collector.  We just have too many doll to bring home!  I feel like someone who has eaten a whole chocolate cake and even Pepto Bismol can't help.
I am seriously OD-ed on dolls.  And we still have the Banquet tonight.   My husband sadly said, "I'm not going to see you for months after this, huh?  You'll be deboxing and redressing."

Shuga posted Deron's Adele on her flickr page.  Deron's Adele had a problem with her hair when he removed her from her box.  He had to cut her hair and tame it.  I LOVE what he did.  I ran into him and he offered to mine (my Adele's not my personal hair - although it could use some taming in this tropical humidity as well!).  I just love doll people.  Everyone is so helpful and tremendously kind!  Everyone seems to look out for each other - there is a serious amount of generosity here.

So, I ran upstairs and deboxed Adele.  Wouldn't you know it?!  My girl's hair is exactly how I would want it.  Look how perfect!!
This Adele just moved up to the #1 slot in my favorite dolls from this convention.  She is sizzling HOT!

A View From the Other Side

If you follow my blog, you know that this is my first doll convention ever.  I had always sat at my computer at home and waited, holding my breath, as each doll was unveiled.  I saved up my pennies, knowing I would have to pay secondary prices for anything I wanted.  I begrudingly bought dolls at e-bay prices.

A friend of mine and I always say it's not fair to expect anyone to pay for your vacation.  I still believe that is a fair statement. 

This year I started planning for the convention last winter.  I saved money.  My friend was supposed to come with me and share the expenses.  Unfortunately, life gets in the way and she was unable to make the trip.

When she told me she couldn't make it, I had already bought my Convention Package and reserved the hotel.  I was disappointed.  My darling husband told me, "I know how much this means to you.  You're going to go.  I'm going to take you." 

As my significant other, he has another package of dolls.  I wish it were easy enough to sell all of these doll at retail and make many people happy.  However, he points out that he had to pay $400 for registration.  He had to take two days off work.  Had my friend come, I would've paid half the hotel expenses.  That was an additional $400.  Travel expenses to and from the convention had to be added in.  We had to pay sales tax on the dolls.  We stood in lines for HOURS.  This was certainly no vacation.  Especially not for him. 

So, I guess I have changed my mind a little.  Some of these inflated prices are fair when you figure in all the costs and trouble.  When individuals sell spouse's dolls or dolls they purchased themselves, then it may be more fair to mark up prices.  It really is a lot of effort, time, and money.  And if I don't go next year, I may cringe just a little less for spending what I do on the dolls I want.  Afterall, it will still be considerably less than I have spent this year, paying retail for the collection.

Jason Wu IX - The Collection

First up, I have a clarification.   The only dolls that have been given to attendees so far are the Anja and the Loni Lawrence.  If you "win" a table centerpiece, you actually just win the opportunity to purchase her.  The Agnes was $150 and the Poppy was $135.  Only half the people at the table got the opportunity to purchase one or the other.  Since my husband was with me, we got both.  The Convention Doll tonight and the doll for the dress will also be free as they were part of the convention package which cost $400.

When you first come into the convention area - before you even get to the salesroom or workshops, there is a lovely display of the entire 2012 Collection of Integrity Dolls.  I didn't pre-order World On A String Eugenia, And Another Thing Kyori, The Sweet Smell of Success Veronique, or Lead Singles Lilith and Eden.   If you ordered these, you will be so happy.  They are truly gorgeous.  But the one doll that stands out as Queen of the JasonWu Hive is Main Attitude Adele - she is PERFECTION!
There is also a display of this year's convention girls.  I have not deboxed mine yet, so my photos are in the box.  Collectors have asked for better shoes, more accessories, nice jewelry, purses, hats, and color.  Well Integrity gave us that and more at this convention.  Every doll is "fully loaded".

I will take the dolls in the order that I like them.  First up is Peak Season Kyori.  As much as I liked And Another Thing, I am uncertain about Peak Season.  She is very striking, and I believe she will photograph quite well when redressed.  
The accessories with this doll are awesome.  I like her pants; she has aweseome shoes and jewelry.  The hat and purse are fantastic. She came across as a little more casual than the other dolls in the line.

I was worried sick when I heard they were making over my favorite NuFace Colette.  But the change seems quite subtle.   Here is All White Now Colette.  
I love her faceup.  This doll is going to be awesome with her hair worked a little.  The face up is perfect for redressing.
She came in a very modern, youthful outfit. It is a very nice presentation.
I have to admit I was not a fan of the Club Exclusive Erin, High And Envy, but this new mold has quite a bit of potential.  I much prefer Lady in Red.  She is also a modern, youthful interpretation of Tropicalia.

This is another doll whose faceup will work with many different colors and can go from casual to formal easily.  This particular doll looks quite innocent and youthful. Sorry for the glare on the next photo.  I am taking my pictures in the room anddon't have good lighting.

While I am with the "young'uns", I guess we can move to Hot Dots Poppy.  Everyone was excited to see Poppy come in a mini-giftset.  They displayed her in both dresses, using two dolls.

This shows a more mature side of Poppy. For some reason, she looks a little more haute couture to me.  I always think of Poppy as "cute", but this one is a little more polished.  I love the extra outfit that came with her.  That shorts outfit is amazing - I would have hunted that down if I hadn't come to the convention!

Again, this Poppy also comes in a presentation that is ideal for redressing.  Her skintone is more tan than the caucasian doll; however, it doesn't look as tan as the previous tan poppy.
Now, on to the standouts in this year's collection ... at least to me.  I absolutely love the presentation on Sweet Victory Natalia.  That jacket and beaded belt is amazing.   The skirt is textured.  The doll is perfectly detailed.
I have always wanted a dark-haired Natalia.  This one comes with blue eyes.  She has a gorgeous face!

The only Natalia residing in my collection is Cosmetic Takeover.  I think she now has a sister.

Next up, is a doll that is getting a lot of discussion, Main Event Adele.  The display of this doll is out of this world.  Her hair could wrap completely around the earth!

I totally LOVE it!  I think it needs a little bit of product to tame it ... maybe.   It is a very cool hairstyle.  I wanted the Dynamite Girl TJ last year because of this hair.  A little product and I may get that lion's mane tamed to perfection. 

The dress is very interesting visually.  It looks like a silhouette on the front.  She also has a lovely faceup.

I can't wait to get home and debox this girl. 

Now, the next girl was the biggest surprise to me.  I don't really care for the FR2 dolls.  I've only owned a couple and have sold them both.  But Infallible Dasha has made me a believer.

This dress is such a rich blue color and is constructed perfectly.  I photographed her with the giftset removed.  There was a lot lovely accessories with Dasha.

Integrity did a superb job with shoes and jewelry this year.  And the faceups are wonderful.

My favorite of the Collection was Haute Societe Veronique.  This doll was totally wonderful.

She is so classy.  Her blouse is exquisite.  The jacket has pink piping all around the edging.  The details on this outfit are amazing.

Again, another fantastic faceup.  This is another awesome doll.

Everyone was wondering what Integrity Direct would offer.  So far, only one doll has been offered.  Integrity has decided to flood us with Victorire Roux.  In addition to the recently released two dolls, Place Verdonne Victoire joins us.  THIS DOLL IS AMAZING IN PERSON!

Here she is in the box. 

And a closeup of the flower details:

A couple of people thought about keeping the dress and selling the doll nude, because they thought she favored Avenue George V.  But when inspected closely, they are nothing alike.  One lady said, "I feel so terrible.  I promised someone at my table I would sell her the doll and now I'm going to be a liar!"