Saturday, October 14, 2017

Vivacite Eugenia Frost

My followers know that there are four molds that I have a difficult time resisting:  Agnes Von Weiss, Eugenia Frost, Vanessa Perrin 1.0, and Adele Makeda 2.0.  I was so excited when Integrity Toys (IT) revealed their 2017 mainline collection "La Femme".   Vivacite Eugenia was a "no-brainer" for me.
And a close up in the box.
The accessories in this line are very reminiscent of older IT releases.
The shoes are excellent, the purse is just amazing, and the jewelry quite impressive (yes, that is a watch you are seeing!).
The hair is rooted nice and thick!  It needs to be washed to get out the product that makes it feel heavy and greasy.   The cotton blouse has a very long tie in the back.  I crossed it and brought it to the front like a belt.  The capri pants are nice.  Everything is very well made.
I love the screening on this doll.   I also like the Hungarian skin tone that was used.  She is easily one of the best versions of Eugenia Frost in a few years.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Majesty Giselle Diefendorf

I have been a member of Integrity Toys' W Club since it began in 2006.  It's hard to believe it is already 11 years old!  I enjoy the perks afforded by the membership such as upgrade dolls.

When the 2017 upgrade Nuface doll, Majesty Giselle, arrived, I took a couple quick photos of her in her box and then shoved her in the closet with the other dolls waiting to be released.

Recently during a discussion, some doll friends were talking about which dolls that had arrived in 2017 were their favorite.  Majesty's name came up more than once.  I decided that maybe I had missed something here when I opted to take out Feeling Wild first.
And here is a closeup.
Here are the accessories.
Here they are out of box.
The purse is a large bead and is quite heavy.  The little boots are somewhat vintage looking.  I love the bracelet/ring piece of jewelry!
So this is how she looks out of box.  She's a lovely doll, but her hair seemed heavy with product.
I decided to wash the hair with some shampoo and hot water.  For me, it wasn't enough.  I decided to take her hair down, boil perm it to straighten, and then give it a little trim to even up the ends.
Anyone named "Majesty" must have a throne, right?  But, sadly, it is Autumn and she needs to return to classes to the morning.
It looks like IT has fixed many of their quality control issues of the past few years.  The new dolls are feeling very high quality with many lovely accessories.  The faces and hair seem to be more consistent and the clothing is very well made.  I am looking forward to future releases.

Until then, Majesty Giselle is definitely a doll that demands redress and play time.  She is excellent in just about anything she puts on.