Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

"What on earth is going on that requires me to get up at this ungodly hour?"  Vanessa is obviously perturbed by the inconvenience.
"I hope this doesn't take long," Honey isn't her bright and cheerful self, "Henri needs his beauty sleep."
"I really hated to call an emergency meeting," Chaundra tries to calm everyone down.  "But something has gone terribly wrong."
"What happened?"  KiKi looks concerned.  "And where is Agnes?"
"I don't guess Agnes got the wake-up call.  We'll have to meet without her.  The collector contacted me and was upset about some of the committee's recent decisions.  First of all, it appears that dolls have shown up for sale on The Doll Page that the collector wasn't aware we had considered ... Iconic and Hollywood Suited Lana Turner.  I've carefully looked over the minutes, and I don't see where we even considered them."
Agnes tries to sneak in quietly and take a seat.
"Well ... I guess that explains the first half of the problem," Chaundra observes that Agnes is wearing the outfit from Hollywood Suited Lana.  "The second half of the problem is that we sold Shock Bon Bon Vanessa."
"Naturally, she was sold.  We can't keep everyone.  We are overrun with Vanessa.   There were eleven old mold and three new mold here.  A Vanessa had to go."  Agnes is very matter-of-fact about this decision.
"May I point out that there are still ten Agnes dolls living here?  We had already sold six of my sisters over the last two years:  True Royalty, Obsidian Society, In Bloom, High Tide, Cruise Control, and Night Warrior.  It wasn't fair to send Bon Bon away!"  Vanessa is distraught.
"Ladies!  Ladies!  We must stay on track," Chaundra takes back control of the meeting.  "The collector understands our dilemma.  She agrees that there will be some painful decisions made here if we are to cut our numbers.  However, she is very concerned about certain girls left for us to decide about, so she has made an Executive Decision to take some girls off the table for consideration.  It seems we have not included the Kyori mold in our list, so she has chosen Born to Gamble and No Reservations to stay."
"Somehow we managed to choose one of the next mold to leave, but have none staying.  The collector was very insistent that Fine Jewel and Going Public Eugenia were made residents."
"We are also missing dolls to represent the old mold Veronique.  Shanghai will remain on her original body, so she can continue to model one of the Collector's favorite Mattel fashions, Serenade in Satin."
"We will also be keeping Sheer Goddess, who is referred to as Eris here, and Traveler By Nature.  Both of whom have been put on taller bodies."
"She definitely did not want us screwing with the futures of Poesie Sans Coleur Vanessa, The Muse Adele, or Smoke Screen Dania.  They are also staying.  This is an additional ten dolls staying and brings our number to twenty-nine."
"The collector has also asked that we carefully consider the fact that some dolls just need the right redress to shine on their own.  Diamond Dusted Veronique was a serious contender for leaving, but once she was put in Silver Society, she just might stay."
"Before we return to our rooms, each of us must choose another doll to leave.  Each of us except Agnes, who sent two girls away without taking it through the committee."  Chaundra gives the committee their task before they can return to sleep.
"This is absurb!  What do you mean, I do not get a pick?"  Agnes is indignant.  She already had her eye on the outfits from Diamond Society Eugenia, A Brighter Side Kyori, and Style Counsel Adele.  "I call foul."
"I think it best that you not cause such commotion,"  KiKi, obviously exhausted, makes a good point, "before the next doll called out by the Collector to be sold is The Royal Weiss."

"Wait, this just in ....", Chaundra reads a telegram aloud.  "According to the recent poll on Desperately Seeking Dolls, the Mattel version is believed by readers of this blog to most capture the essence of Audrey Hepburn.  57% of those who voted, chose the Mattel version.  34% of the readers believed that Poppy Sabrina was best, placing her as second choice.  Thank you everyone for voting."  Chaundra scratches her head.  "What the heck is that all about?!"