Monday, June 8, 2020

LIVE! NUDE! DOLLS! - #14, #15, #16, #17, and #18 of 2020

As a collector, "you win some and you lose some".  I was very disappointed recently when I missed the opportunity to score a ticket to the virtual IT 2020 Convention.   It was no fault of my own.  I actually got into the website and completed the "Terms Agreement" seconds before the tickets were supposed to go live.  Unfortunately, IT royally screwed up this online sale, which shouldn't be a surprise since all their online sales are always screwed up!   Their server was, once again, unable to handle the volume of members trying to score a ticket.

According to their e-mail directions, IT directed consumers to not hit the "Refresh" button but allow the program to do its job.  The program just kept kicking individuals out "randomly".  It seems that some of those who actually chose to hit the "Refresh" button got through.  I got kicked out the first time.  I tried again and IT actually shutdown their server in the middle of my completing my transaction.  I tried again and IT, again, actually shutdown their server as I was trying to pay for my order.  A new notice came up that said, "Server Not Available".  At 6:30 p.m. I went to the W Club to see what was going on.  Even though I got in seconds before the sale went "live" - it seems other collectors were getting in when the administrators were temporarily reopening the server after 6:30 to assess what was going on.  I know a few collectors who actually got in around 6:40 and secured tickets even though my "time stamp" was earlier.  This whole experience left a very ugly taste in my mouth.

As a teacher, I have very limited opportunities to attend conventions.  When I was working at my last school.  You could only take two "personal days" each year and those couldn't be scheduled when there was standardized testing.  There was usually standardized testing in October.  The scheduled IT Convention worked out for me only once - 2012.

At my current school, there is a one week Fall Break.  I can attend if the convention coincides with my Fall Break - which has only happened once - last year's 2019 Fashion Week.

This year they kept the number at 500 and refused to budge.  Last year, they had a glitch and miraculously found a way to create 200 more dolls of each version offered and allowed 200 more collectors to attend the convention.  Apparently the rules are made up as we go and are at the whim of whoever is in charge.

... Time to move on to more pleasant matters ...

No "new" Fashion Royalty doll has made it into collectors' hands for the first five+ months of 2020 (there have been four NuFace dolls and four East 59th Street ladies released, but the physical receipt of a FR doll hasn't happened in 2020).   With everyone "sheltering in place", we're spending more time on the internet.  We are visiting websites and interacting with other collectors.  We are seeing photos of beautiful dolls redressed in wonderful ensembles.  It makes us anxious for a "new doll" - sometimes "a new doll" can be "an old doll that is new to us".

Even though I've been trying to filter my collection (I've sold 33 dolls now), I'm no different than other doll addicts and my need for a fix.  The last several weeks have been a good time for collectors.  A better time for collectors than sellers - if the seller is trying to make a profit.  

My "Grail List" is actually quite small.  I usually find a way to get what I want either through trades, sell of other dolls to finance a purchase, or being in the right place at the right time.

One doll on my Grail List has been Bergdorf Goodman Casual Elyse Jolie.  She usually sells for $600 - $800 NRFB.  I have never spent that much on a fashion doll.  She recently came available for $325 +shipping nude ($350 is my absolute max I am willing to spend on a FR doll) and I've never spent this much on a nude doll.   I tried to resist but couldn't.  I reasoned that I had sold several dolls this year and had the funds available.

One of the dolls I recently sold was Breathless Veronique Perrin, but I kept her ensemble.  I hadn't tried it on anyone yet.  It was like the ensemble was waiting for the doll.  
I loved her in this, but it's been so hot here in the south, I want something less formal.  I call this photo "Kokomo"
#14 of 2020 is Bergdorf Goodman Casual Elyse Jolie.

My best doll friend, Reese, is the only collector I know that loves the first Colette Duranger mold more than I do.  I find her stories and photos of "The Colette's" very entertaining and look forward to them.

She has given "The Colette's" a mother named "Marisol Monica de la Cruz Santos".   We tease each other because I can never remember the name beyond "Marisol" and she says it so fast.  "Marisol" is Heat Seeker Natalia Fatale.  I have admired this doll from afar - it rarely comes up on secondary market.  It is from the 2009 Future Perfect Collection.

I couldn't hit the "Buy It Now" button fast enough when it was listed Mint-In-Box for $120.  Here she is redressed in Obsidian Society from 2006.  (This is an example of an ensemble that makes me keep some original tall pre-FR2 bodies in my collection.)
#15 of 2020 is Heat Seeker Natalia Fatale aka "Marisol".

For some reason I've been unable to find love for the Vanessa Perrin mold 3.0 - This mold was introduced in 2012 at the Tropicalia Convention.  (TRICK for identifying mold versions compliments of Veronica Hage, the official #1 Vanessa Perrin fan, look at the back of the head under the hairline for the copyright date.  Mold 3.0 is dated 2011.)

I have owned and sold most versions of mold 3.0.  There were only three here:  
Edge (2013 Design Challenger Winner), Star Power from the 2015 Cinematic Convention, The W Club Lottery doll, Serenity, from 2018.

I find myself always giving Vanessa mold 3.0 a chance.   One version I missed that is more difficult to find secondary market, is Chameleon from the 2016 Supermodel Convention.  I recently got the chance to get her nude for an acceptable price. 
I usually prefer my dolls in their original factory hairstyle and take great pains to keep the hair pristine.  This is one case when I thought the hairstyle too severe for the face.  
Now, that's much better, don't you agree?  I may have found the mold 3.0 version I like best.   #16 of 2020 is Chameleon Vanessa Perrin (mold 3.0).  - IT mistakenly advertised this doll as mold 1.0, but her head is clearly labeled 2011.

My final "nude" purchase was a Poppy grail.  This is a doll that just keeps climbing in value, Sunny Slickers Poppy Parker. 
I love how my Poppy girls can wear just about anything. They can wear Dynamite Girl clothing, The Industry clothing, Misaki clothing, and even Barbie clothing.  I finally found most of the Puma clothing collections at Walmart but had been waiting for the right model.  
My need for this doll increased substantially following the 2019 IT Fashion Week Convention thanks to the Kimono Go Go and Groovy Style Lab Poppies.  #17 of 2020 is Sunny Slickers Poppy Parker.  

EDIT:  I realized after publishing this blog entry that I missed one of my nude dolls I purchased this year.

#18 of 2020 is Smoke and Mirrors Lilith Blair.  I originally owned this doll but sold her NRFB.  There are many collectors who believe Smoke and Mirrors to be the best version of this mold, so I grabbed her at a good price nude to see if I made a mistake.
I'm still unsure.  She is more beautiful in hand than in photos. She may just need more camera time.

This isn't good for my "filtering my collection".   They are supposed to be going out, not coming in.  But how do you resist such lovely dolls, especially when they are sold "nude" at good prices?