Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Has it been a year already?

Today I celebrate my one year anniversary of this blog.  What a journey?!

A lot has changed ... a lot has remained the same.

I have come full circle with Vintage Barbie.  I recently found her again ... and much better prices.    My last blog was all about the American Girl and case full of clothing that I purchased on e-bay at a remarkable price.  Here is a photo of my Lara wearing the Fiery Fierce that came with the purchase. 

Here is a vintage doll I purchased a couple years ago wearing the Skate Mates outfit that was also included.

I haven't blogged in almost a month because I have been at a standstill with my collecting.  I did finally purchase Graphic Language Adele NRFB at her original retail price.

She is a very lovely doll and has been added to my list of added dolls for 2011.

I have been afraid to purchase more dolls here at the end of the year for fear of receiving dolls as Christmas presents; this would completely mess up my plans and rules.  So ... I came to a very simple solution.  Edit my rules!   I added another addendum to Rule #3.  Dolls given to me as a gift do not require me to sell a doll in return!

That simple change relieved so much pressure and worry.  It allowed me to relax during the holidays.  I received an exquisite 1961 Blonde Bubblecut, MIB.  Her makeup is all original as is her fingernail and toenail polish.  Look at those eyes and lips!
I also got Current Pursuits Vanessa and a couple Star Dolls and Giftsets.  Here is a photo of a Star Doll in her package.
She is very lovely.  This is a closeup of her right out of box but still on the liner. 
I got her because of the outfit.  I thought it would look very nice on the DG/ NuFace/ Poppy/ Monogram/ Misaki girls.  Here she is nude.  She actually has a very lovely body.
I have been waiting for the replacement bodies I ordered from Integrity.  They arrived today.  So, I am going to explain the best way to switch heads on dolls.  First you have to purchase a heating pad.  This is the one I own.  It cost about $15.

I wrap the doll's head in a Bounce Dryer Sheet to protect the doll's hair and turn the head to the side. Those Dryer Sheets are also good for eliminating frizzy flyaways due to static electricity.
I fold the heating pad over the doll's head and turn the heating pad on the high setting.  I leave the doll for about 15 - 20 minutes.   The head should be very pliable and slip right off.  Here is Urban Geisha on a replacement NuFace body, wearing the Star Doll outfit.

The hose are not quite long enough, but the skirt hides it.   The shoes are too big, but are wearable. 

After changing over the Urban Geisha, I wondered what the Star Doll would look like re-bodied.  I was very surprised by the result.

She is a very lovely doll.
The articulation has given her a new life.  I think I am really going to enjoy this girl!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Right Place/Right Time

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the nude Urban Geisha I purchased with a yellowed body (see Nov. 4 post).  Fortunately, the seller was awesome and refunded me the full price including my shipping fee.  I contacted the seller of the other doll, and she hadn't re-listed it yet.  So I was able to get my Urban Geisha in pristine condition for about the same price. (Sorry, I should have taken a photo of her NRFB.)

The robe this doll is wearing is excellent!  Look at the back of it.  My goal is to give her a NuFace body.

The Friday before Thanksgiving was very difficult for me because I used to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom.  I came home very upset and crying; I immediately sought retail therapy through e-bay and found an auction with a great BIN price.  The seller described the doll wearing a "Tagged Original Swimsuit with Funky Blue HatSuit needs some TLC, hem is loosening at legs and the seam between top and bottoms has separated about 1" on her left side." 

She arrived the day before Thanksgiving (she is my Thanksgiving blessing from my Mom).  It turns out the hem wasn't loosening at the legs at all ... the swimsuit just needed trimming and cleaning; it is correctly tagged and required a very minor fix to reattach the top to the bottom. Here is the doll in her "freshened" swimsuit.  

When I opened the auction and looked at the additional photos, this is what I saw!

I immediately realized the "funky hat" with the bathing suit was the HTF one for the described "Blue Paisley Dress".  Here she is wearing the complete, mint Outdoor Art Show (#1650).

I was so pleased with this outfit.  It needed no "freshening" at all.  It is almost perfect.

The auction description is included in quotation marks:  "Tagged Blue Sleeveless Dress with Matching Hat. 1/4" loosening of the seam of right sleeve area."  The blue dress is Reception Line (#1654) and is in played in condition.  It needs washing and a small area of the arm hole resewn.  It is missing the shoes, but the hat is perfect! 

"Tagged Orange & White Skate Outfit with Matching Hat & Stockings. Missing One Mitten. Plus Ice Skates!"  It's actually a deep pink Skate Mates #1793 in almost perfect condition.

"Tagged Orange Coat with Matching Hat and Boots."  - a mint Fiery Felt #1789.

"Tagged Mod Style Paisley Sleeveless Pant Suit."  - a mint Patio Party palazzo pants #1692.  The hostess dress was thoroughly enjoyed by the orginal owner and may need more work than I can provide.  (It was one of the outfits that the seller listed as "homemade").

"Tagged Red Rain Coat with Matching Purse and Heels." - Fashion Shiner #1691.  It is missing the gloves.  The Fashion Shiner dress is another one that the seller thought was "homemade".  It came with perfect red closed-toe, correctly marked pumps. 

The last "homemade piece" was Floating Gardens #1696.  It is in used condition as well and is missing everything that goes with it. 
Here is I Love How You Love Me Poppy wearing the skirt, blouse, tie, and hose from Simply Simpatico Giftset.  Got this for $29.  The shoes are from Old is New Giselle. 
When the newest Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Night Out FR2 doll came out, I knew she reminded me of someone.

I think she looks like Rebecca Romijn.

Many collectors believe the FR2 dolls are very masculine looking.  I think that is funny since Rebecca Romijn played a transgender female on Ugly Betty.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Accountability - Part 2 Or "Be Careful What You Ask For"

I guess I need to come to my dear husband's defense.  When we got married last year, I moved in with over 100 FR dolls in their boxes.  Most were NRFB.

I really wrestled with my conscience about their value and their needing to remain NRFB.  However, I also enjoy redressing and playing with them.  My husband encouraged me, "Do what you want to do.  Don't let their value prevent you from enjoying them."  He wanted me to start this blog.  I asked him to help support me and keep me on track with my rules.

So ... I guess it's all my fault.  I asked him to help keep me focused.  And it has helped me enjoy my hobby more. 

After I wrote my last post, I went and checked which dolls had come to live with me this year that are either still in their box or are out of their box but I can't make up my mind about them. 

Here it goes:

Monogram Magnificent
Monogram Extravagance
FR Modern Comeback Noir Vero
DG Rock Candy Rufus Blue
DG Most Beautiful Boy Auden
DG Aqua Bella Jett
DG Summer Daze Sooki
FR2 Fashion Night Out Bergdorf Goodman
FR2 Flawless Elise Jolie
FR No Reservation Kyori
FR Vivid Impact Agnes
FR Style Counsel Vero and Adele
Les Silhouette Victoix Roux

The last three came this week, so I have my two week limit to make decisions about them.  Modern Comeback has been listed for sale on The Doll Page.  That leaves 10 dolls.  So, the 10 that have been deboxed make up for that.  I am still on track ... but only barely. 

So, I decided to release one that I've wanted to photograph for ages.  Here she is in her box.  The Muse Adele.  What an incredible doll.  She has long red gloves, a fur shrug, the skirt is actually a dress with a red satin bodice, very nice shoes, red jeweled earrings and ring, and a purse!

I believe she is one of the most beautiful dolls ever produced by Integrity Toys.  Here she is out of the box.

Although I really like the shrug, that suit is marvelous without it.  The jacket has 3/4 length sleeves and lovely rhinestone pin on the shoulder.

I played around with her and put her in the Mattel Little Red Riding Hood cloak. 

I just love this doll and know she will bring me many hours of joyful play.  She'd still be in the box had my husband not been helping me along.

And surprisingly, she looks even better casual.

This one may be a stretch for many of you.  But ever since she arrived here, Regal Solstice Anja reminds me of someone.  

I don't know why, but I just believe she has the charm of one of my favorite comedic actresses, Debra Messing.  It's more the auora than the exact features. 

I can't wait to take my Born to Gamble out and then all I need is Will and Jack.  I'm waiting on my Integrity bodies to arrive.  Until then ... I'll be searching for my next doll to come out of the box.  Only

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have tried to be very upfront about all of my doll collecting this year.  Even though sometimes I am a little ashamed by what I've acquired.

My husband is not quite as forgiving as many of my dolly friends are.  I read him my last couple of posts and his questions were:

1.  What doll did you debox so that you could keep Kyori NRFB?

2.  Why aren't two of my dolls from the doll show listed in my dolls that are staying?

You see, I made the unfortunate mistake of letting my husband in on my doll rules.  When I told him about them, he insisted that I print them out and hang them in my dolly room as a reminder.   He has been incredibly good at helping me stick to them.

Question 1:  What doll did I debox?  I tried to explain that I had deboxed several dolls this year as evidenced by my blog:  Power Game, Femme du Monde, and Private Goddess Natalia; Fine Jewel and Spring Forward Eugenia; and The Royal Weiss and Glamour to Go Agnes.  Ialso deboxed Style Mantra Eden, Masterpiece Theatre Giselle, and Making A Scene Erin this year.  That's 10 dolls.

But that wasn't good enough.  Those were dolls that had already been deboxed before Kyori even got here.  So, I went to the closet and took out a "Holy Grail" doll that was still NRFB.
Here is a close up photo of her.  Her hair is perfect and her face-up is divine.

Flame Blue Vanessa has been released.  I knew I would never sell this doll because I only got her because my best dolly friend, Reese, helped me get her.  Isn't she gorgeous!
I love the attention to detail with doll.  The jewelry is incredible!  And look at how this veil is made!
So, I'm glad that my husband held me accountable and got Flame Blue out of her box.  She came with the nices garter set and hose!
On to Question 2.  Why aren't the other two dolls I acquired at the doll show on my acquired list?  I tried to argue that they weren't staying.  He knew that Cruella was leaving and gave me that one, but insisted I make a decision on Jakks Pacific Lola and Modern Circle Simone.  I explained that I was going to rebody them.  Still no leeway!

So, I had to add those two to my list.  At least for now.  Sigh! 

I learned an important lesson which may become Rule 7 Don't read your blog to your husband.  I'm just glad he wasn't home for the mail carrier this week!  Style Counsel Giftset and Les Silhouettes Victoix came in the mail! 

Darling, if you are reading this ... don't forget my rule about having two weeks to make a decision on any doll!  I'm not budging on that one!
I have decided to try a new feature this week.  "Who Could You Be?"  There are several dolls that I own that remind me of celebrities in some way.  So, this week is the first installment.  It took me forever to figure out who Monaco Royale reminded me of.  I put some glasses on her and it hit me!

Doesn't she look like Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince?  What do you think?

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I first want to warn anyone reading this from work that there are photos of a nude Jakks Pacific doll in this post.  She has her "privates" covered, but I don't want anyone being surprised.

I went to the Collector's United Doll Show this past Saturday with the best of intentions.  I had my list!  I even hooked up with Vanessa who inspired it. 

My battle plan for a doll show is to circle the room once through and buy only the "must haves" ... "probably won't be there next round" dolls.  I tend to move at a hurried pace, look at prices, make offers, move on...

In my first circle, I purchased a box of 12 Kaiser Stands ($12) ... the gentlemen selling the box of Kaiser stands told me he only brought two boxes and they tend to go fast, so I went ahead and got them.  In the third isle, I spotted a NRFB Cruella Deville.
I've been looking for the Cruella Deville outfit for a while.   The dealer sold her to me for $20.  Here's a picture of her out of the box.

I know she wasn't on "The List", but I was sure the outfit would look great on one of my FR girls.  Here is Go West wearing it.

Toward the end of my first run, I saw a Modern Circle Simone for $10.

Again, not on my list, but the price was right.

And Chaundra has been feeling rather neglected.  She was so happy to get this outfit.

I parked close by and dropped off my first "haul".  It was time for my next trip through.  There were some great deals today.  One dealer had several of the older FR Adele dolls for $60 each.  I passed ... another lucky collector bought all of them!  The same seller had the Todd Oldham doll from my list, but I wasn't willing to pay her $75 price for that outfit.  I did consider the Elizabeth Taylor doll for $35 but decided to pass also.

I went back to the dealer who was selling many NRFB Mattel outfits.  She had several of the Benneton dolls and outfits.  (Each outfit was $10 and I was very tempted.)  I did snag the Barbie Millicent Roberts Snow Chic So Chic for $12.  I have considered buying this outfit for a long time; the price was right.

The seller next to her was selling several older Jakks Pacific dolls.  I had heard raves about their bodies and thought it would be nice to experience one for myself.  She had the G.I.R.L. Force Body Art Lola doll.  I really wanted those tattoos!  And the price of $10 was excellent.  She made her way into my bag.

I was really curious about this doll's body.  It is extremely realistic with rib bones and everything.

It's a very strange body. It cannot sit, but the legs and arms move.  It is like an automaton in that there is rubber over a "body mechanism".  I love her from behind.

Unfortunately her legs have started to yellow.  Her body proportions are outstanding, but she suffers from the same problem as I do.  Her thighs are quite thick!  It was worth the $10 for the tattoos, the opportunity to actually see one of these bodies and experience it firsthand, and she has a lovely faceup (maybe I'll find an articulated body to match it someday).

I went back to a seller who had the original Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's dolls at reasonable prices.   Oops!  They were gone!  Missed those.

I found the TRU Charity Ball Barbie for $10.

This is a really cute doll.  Again, she wasn't on my list, but what a cutie!

Somehow I knew that one of my other girls would take this dress away.

AFL Vanessa knows she gets anything she wants around here.

Round Two netted two more dolls and one outfit.  It was time for my final round.  The "Big Money Round" as I so fondly refer to it.  I had been very good and spent only $74.  Now, it was time to consider one good purchase.

My #1 choice at this show was a NRFB Zac Posen giftset.  It was just taken out of the the shipper.  I was really in deep "covet" mode.   I had picked up the box and fondled it several times.  Asking price $250.  I know that is reasonable, but I just don't spend that kind of money anymore on Mattel products.  I have wanted that Zac Posen for years, but I just couldn't justify it.   While I was standing there, another collector purchased it.  Problem Solved.

I went to my last temptation of the day, and it was something on my list.  This show was a poor show for Vintage Barbie.  However, one dealer had my piece d'resistance.  As many of you know, when I was young, my sister had a day of hair redressing where she cut many of our dolls' hair. 

Luckily my mother caught her before she got to my Malibu Barbie.   Today was the day that I reunited Barbie with Malibu PJ.  A dealer had her in NRFB condition circa 1970.  I couldn't believe my luck.  She was $85 dollars and I just couldn't leave her there.

It brought back so many memories just seeing this doll.

As I was about the leave, I ran into Vanessa.  We did one more round together.  I showed her the Barbie Friend Ship (Airplane from 1974).  She was able to get it for $10.  Can't wait to see her stories with that prop.  What an awesome buy.

After I got home, I realized that most of my shopping was for clothing; however,  one doll decided she had to join my group.  All she needed was a new body ... a body that was already here, just waiting for the right head.  I give you "Charity".  She is wearing the outfit from "The Making Of ..." Erin. 

She's a real cutie!

I guess I may have been desperately seeking dolls, and found the best doll of all ... Vanessa.  She is just a sweetheart and a new doll friend.  It was a Fabulous Show, but maybe lists don't work well for me!