Friday, December 23, 2016

Annual "Best of" Countdown Postponed

I realized it is past time for the beginning of the "Best of 2016" countdown and wanted to apologize to anyone who was wondering why it hadn't started.

My fur baby was diagnosed with cancer during the Thanksgiving holiday and I have been trying to attend to her needs.  Then, this past weekend, I was involved in a head-on car accident.  (The other driver took a left-turn from a right-turn-only lane.)   Although I have been able to photograph Key Pieces Elyse Jolie for a review, I've not had the energy or felt well enough to redress and organize the other dolls I have received in 2016.

I am blessed that I walked away with only bad bruising and muscle soreness.   (My sternum is bruised and that is the most painful.)  I do wish everyone safety, health, and happiness during this holiday.  I will get the "Best of" completed as soon as I start feeling better.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Key Pieces Elyse Jolie

It seems like forever that I waited for this one to show up.  The minute I saw her in the mainline reveal, I just knew she would be a permanent resident here.  She arrived last week, and I really do love her!  She is Key Pieces Elyse Jolie.  Here she is presented in the box:
And a closeup of that lovely face with the "barely there" makeup:
I've truly grown tired of black and white clothing, so I really welcomed the use of color.   This was a "mini giftset"; however, I think it is better than the J'Adore La Fete Elyse Jolie I received earlier this year.  A silly complaint is that I wish it had been received when there was warmer weather.  To me, this is a "spring/summer" giftset with such lovely pastel colors while the J'Adore La Fete giftset is more winter-like and it was received this summer.

Integrity was very generous with the accessories - there are two pair of shoes, hose for the lingerie, and a very nice purse.  She comes with an extra set of hands and a pair of sunglasses.  The jewelry consists of earrings, a very nice style of necklace, bracelet, and ring.
I'm not sure how I feel about the hair - the "rolled piece that is tied" is cut shorter than the rest of her hair.  It's sort of weird and doesn't make a lot of sense.  Oddly, my doll's ears weren't pierced.   I like the eyes.  I didn't think I would care for the uneven hem design of the skirt, but I'm okay with it.  She is standing on her own in this photo.  The shoes are a cool design but are difficult to get on.  (The earrings and bracelet were borrowed from Hot Dots Poppy Parker.)
Here is a closeup in the suit.
I am very impressed by this evening dress.  It's so "frothy" it reminds me of one of those sugar desserts.  I can't believe those seamstresses who can't sew a hemline (don't get me started) created this.  It's amazing in its construction.
And another closeup.
My favorite part of the giftset is the lingerie.  I love how feminine this looks.  It reminds me of some of the earlier FR lingerie.  (These are not the hose that came with the giftset.  I wanted something more cream like the lingerie.  I loved the little lace detail at the top!)
Closer ....

Closer ....
I think I really love this doll.  She's quite special.  As much as I love Key Pieces Elyse and the giftset clothing, I think the designers need to think about skin tone (complexion) when making fabric choices.  I believe the peach/coral lingerie would look better on a different skin tone ... like maybe Nocturnal Glow Veronique ...
The little tweed jacket is going to work with so many ensembles.  Blue Burkhart models it with Faded Desert Kyori's ensemble.
The real proof in a doll's stamina in my collection is how she redresses.   Here is Key Pieces Elyse wearing Time and Again Adele's suit.
I don't think she'll be going anywhere ... What a gorgeous doll.  Had I received her prior to the convention, I daresay I wouldn't have purchased so many dolls.  This girl is just about as close to perfection as they come.  I wonder where she'll land on my countdown!