Sunday, January 10, 2016

Made To Move Barbie - Black Skin Tone

One of my readers questioned whether or not this doll could be pulled apart.  I think they all can.  It's scary to try and pull out the parts because we think the bodies are more delicate than they are.

As you can see.  The doll can be separated at the biceps, the quads, the ankles, and the wrists.  (I've not tried to pull her apart anywhere else.  Maybe next blog!  LOL!)

You have to hold the torso firmly and then you screw the part back and forth, left and right, firmly pulling away from the torso.  I don't deny that it's a little scary!  I'm nervous something will break off inside a limb!

NOTE:  The Black skin tone will sometimes show "stress" in the plastic.  Anyone who has switched heads understands what I mean.  The plastic will actually turn paler where the stress happens.  You have to be very careful with this skin tone.  I would probably use a heat source (heating pad or hair dryer) to make the plastic a little more pliable before doing this again.  Taking the parts out was less a problem than trying to put them back in.  I got a small (barely noticeable) stress mark in one wrist.

Barbie is very happy to be put back together and redressed.
"No doll was harmed in the production of this blog post …"  LOL!