Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Number 5 of 2021 - Undercover Angel Poppy Parker

As I explained in my last post, being a member of the W Club has many perks.  One of the best is the opportunity to purchase "made-to-order" exclusive dolls.   Unfortunately, due to shipping and scheduling, sometimes several dolls wind up arriving at the same time.  That was the case with Number 3, Number 4, and Number 5 dolls added to my collection in 2021.  When multiple dolls arrive simultaneously, it is very difficult to savor and enjoy each doll individually.   

I saved Undercover Angel Poppy Parker for last to review.  A lot of collectors passed on purchase of this doll because we've had several "green-eyed, blonde Poppy Parkers".  Some collectors said, "Looks A Plenty and Double Agent Poppy Parkers look just like her."   To me there was a big difference ... they were not Jill Monroe (Farrah Fawcett Majors).   They did not have the Hungarian skin tone; they did not have ash blonde hair in big curls.  Here is the original Integrity Toys Promotional Photo.

I grew up watching Charlie's Angels.  I loved the series and wanted to be Farrah Fawcett.  I even had the Farrah haircut with feathered wings!  The composition of this photo was enough to convince me that I needed this doll in my life.

Here is Undercover Angel Poppy Parker in the box.

She was a mini-giftset.  She came with two pair of shoes, two sets of jewelry and red disco pantsuit.  Here is a closeup.

This is the promo photo of the accessories (property of Integrity Toys/IT).

The IT promo of the pantsuit.

I adore this version of Poppy Parker.  I love the Hungarian skin tone and this dolls just glows. 

Let's put her to the test:

1) Does this release rank in the top 3 versions of this mold/character?  I actually LOVE this version.  I own many Poppy Parker dolls and think Undercover Angel holds her own with any of them.  Not sure about Top 3, but definitely in the Top 10.

2) Would it be possible for this doll to make my Top 10 Countdown at the end of the year?  There's actually a good chance she might; I haven't gotten the chance to redress her, but I love her in the houndstooth jacket and jeans.

There's little doubt this is a beautiful and special doll.  I definitely see Undercover Angel Poppy Parker staying in my collection for a long time.