Saturday, June 13, 2015

Waiting For A Girl Like You ...

Foreigner sang about her in 1981.  Not counting convention dolls, she is the first FR2 doll to really "do it" for me.   She arrived last week and has gotten a great deal of camera time.

She is Rare Appearance Dania Zarr and was the last "club doll" for W Club members in 2014.  (I can dismiss the 6 month wait when they show up looking like this!)
And a closeup in the box.  Those eyes are an amazing, almost Tiffany Blue.  
Here are the accessories.  I think this is the nicest handbag ever produced.  The bracelet has little citrine rhinestones that match the earrings!  Some collectors have been struggling with the production of the shoes  because the material is cut in strips and sometimes the pattern is "tighter and darker" on one shoe than the other.  Very nice sunglasses and I'm loving the gloved hands in gray.
The proof is usually in the pudding.   Let's see how she looks out of the box!
How about a little trip outside at dusk?   This doll has such a vintage vibe.  She truly takes me back to the 1960's.  Many collectors have been comparing her to Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy.  
Does the elegance of Rare Appearance transfer when redressed?  You bet it does!  She is wearing the Mattel Silkstone Grace Kelly "The Romance" dress.  It seems perfectly styled to her.
Some collectors have started taking her hair down.  It is long, thick, and luxurious.  For now, I am enjoying the elegance of the design.  My doll came with perfect eyelashes and hair.  I couldn't be happier.  She has brought my excitement back to FR collecting.

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You won't regret it!