Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Main Stretch


This doll was the last doll I officially received in 2012.  (As of now, anyway!  LOL!)  When Integrity unveiled their line this spring, she is the only FR doll I ordered.  I knew she was perfection.
I loved the face up and raven hair.  I actually gasped when they showed the photo.  She is even better in person.
I love her accessories ... The purse is remarkable.  The jewelry has little pink stones. 
Collectors have already reported that the shoes are easy to tear and break.  I carefully removed the first two laces on each side in each shoe and loosened the remainder.   I had to use tweezers and a long corsage pin.  I was very patient.   Then I put them on her feet and laced them back up. 
This outfit is one of my favorite outfits ever produced by Integrity.  It is so chic and sophisticated.  The little fur wrap with the ties ... everything!

When you take the fur off, you can really appreciate the design.

The jacket reminds me a little of Face Time Eugenia from a few years ago.  However, what you are seeing is actually two pieces of clothing.  There is a camisole peeking out. 

Main Attitude Adele gives just that ... plenty of attitude.  

She was definitely worth the wait.  Such a goddess!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I Love Rock n Roll


Sometimes a doll comes along that truly challenges your beliefs in what you "think" you prefer in your collection.   Even though I didn't want to love Forces of Nature, I am a big fan of this hair/skintone combination.  Going Public Eugenia and Paint In Black Colette are two of my very favorite dolls. 

I do not collect porcelain skintone dolls.  I sold Festive Decadence Agnes.  I sold Procelain Beauty Kesenia.  That "glow in the dark" look was just not for me.  Last year I purchased Easy Elegance Korinne.  I was so excited to get a new mold.  When she got here, I thought her features were too masculine.  I had no desire to purchase any of the Workshop Korinne girls either.
When the W Club offered a lottery for the IFDC "leftovers", I didn't even enter for this doll.  She was a porcelain skintone Korinne.  She was also on a Brides of Dracula body.  Everything was against adding this doll to my collection.  ... Then I became friends with Rich in FL.  He couldn't say enough good things about her.
Time to re-evaluate.  Afterall, Rich and I have very similar tastes.  What was I missing here?  Here eyes are gorgeous.  She has red lips.  Her hair is amazing.  Here are her accessories.
The shoes are really cool.  The textured hose a nice touch.  LOVE the necklace!  I gave in when I found one NRFB on e-bay with a BIN price LESS than retail.  Actually about 20% LESS than retail.   What did I have to lose?  If she arrived and I decided I just couldn't live with her, I could at least resale her and get my money back.
Once she was out of the box and redressed, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Another one of my best doll friends, Reese, has created a new saying:  "This doll is not for me - AT THIS TIME".   I love this saying because it so fits my collecting habits as well.   Some dolls need time to "grow on you".  
Sometimes, you need a good dolly friend to help you realize what you're missing.

Sometimes you have to let your guard down and take a chance.  So thanks to Rich for showing me the way.  And thanks to Reese for my new collecting mindset.  This doll's production name sums up what she did to my collecting philosophy.  #10 is "Shake It Up Korinne".  (My girl is a little modest, so she is wearing a foundation garment ... no costume malfunctions in her performance!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fire and Ice

Until this year, I avoided the Monogram line.  I only had four.  I had no intention of adding any more.  Then Integrity showed their IDEX line. 
Such a departure from anything Integrity Toys had done.  She was very intriguing.
She comes with nicest silver shoes.  They are a little big for her feet however.
The jewelry is wonderful.

An argument ensued about the inspiration for this ensemble.  Some believed it was based on an Alexander McQueen outfit:

Others believed the source of the inspiration was vintage Revlon Fire and Ice.

The doll being based on model Carmen Dell'Orefice.

Out of the box, I believe the doll represents a little of all three.
There was A LOT of product in this doll's hair.  It had to be washed out.

I guess I am a fan of big hair.  At least in this case.
Another amazing example of Integrity at its best.

The first time I've had a Monogram in my favorites list.  But this just isn't any Monogram.  #11 is Allure Monogram.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Made Me Love You ...

Many collectors have already started talking about their "Top Ten" dolls of 2012.  As hard as I tried, I was unable to get my list down to 10.  I think the Top 12 of 2012 is a great way to spend the last 12 days of this year!  I will count down over the next 12 days.  Without further ado, I give you number 12: Force of Nature Agnes.
This doll holds special meaning to me.  She was the centerpiece doll at the Welcome Banquet at the Integrity Convention this year.  This was my first doll convention of any type.  My husband took me, and he won the opportunity to purchase her.  His number was the one that got to purchase the actual doll from the table.  I noticed that some individuals tried to trade for a NRFB doll, but this one had such perfect hair and eyes, I decided a "great doll in the hand wouldn't be traded for one in a box".  Unfortunately, I do not have any NRFB photos though.  Here is a photo of her in her full length sheer turquoise gown.

The shoes are fantastic!

When we first came into the banquet room, many collectors initially thought this was Giselle.  FON is one of the most youthful Agnes dolls ever.  I was recently watching Project Runway and Isaac Mizrahi said something along the lines of "There is so much wrong with this that I should hate it, but I can't help loving it."  Diane Von Furstenburg responded by calling the design "Forbidden Fruit".  I guess that's how I've come to think of Force of Nature.  The blonde razor cut hair and the tan just doesn't say "Agnes" to me.  But it cannot be denied that she is gorgeous.
In the above photo, I wanted to show you the shell pink net lining of this dress.  you can also see the lovely matching tap pants that Agnes is wearing underneath the dress.  For some reason, this picture makes me think of DWTH professional and now singer/actress Julianne Hough.

Which makes me only like this doll more.  One thing about any doll I add to my collection is that she must be able to redress.  I wondered if FON could go casual.

As I continued photographing FON Agnes, I began questioning her position as #12.  I may have sold this doll short.  She loves the camera.  She is very versatile.  I think I have been in such "dolly overload" the past few months, I am missing some of the extraordinary dolls right here under my nose.  FON Agnes is amazing.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

World On A String

When Integrity Toys revealed their 2012 lines this spring to the W Club, I was watching on my laptop, talking with my best doll friend on the phone.  We watched as each doll was showcased and had a comment on each.  I can still remember seeing World On A String Eugenia.  I can still recall my comment ... "Now, that's a HOT MESS!"

After the reveal, I , like many other collectors, contacted my dealer.  Eugenia did not make it to my preorders.  She was just too much for my senses to process in such short period of time. 

When I attended the Integrity Convention this fall, I got to see this doll in person.   That's when I realized there was much more to this beautiful doll than I had initially believed.  Her face-up is gorgeous.

She reminds me of the helper doll version of Point of Departure.  She has the most beautiful green eyes.  Sometimes when you deconstruct a doll, the parts surpass the whole.  I think this is the case in Eugenia.  Her accessories were fabulous.

The handbag is phenomenal.  It's lavendar, has a detachable shoulder strap, and the "leather" is patterned.

The hat is a dark charcoal gray and the shoes are very well constructed.

These shoes have a transparent panel in the middle.  This is what they look like on the doll.

One of the wonderful details that Integrity has initiated this year is the "detachable" fur collar.  This jacket, as well as And Another Thing Kyori's, has a fur collar that is attached to tiny buttons by little elastic loops.   Here is what the outfit looks like without the collar and belt.

It does look better when paired with the belt.  In this photo you can see the lovely green enameled ring and earrings.  The braclet is silver and has a "chunky" pattern to it.

Without the jacket, you can see the lovely blouse.  I wanted to show the length of the skirt.
As I was photographing this doll, I gradually realized the fabric to this skirt matched jacket to Kyor's suit.

This is one beautiful doll.  I believe she will be quite versatile to redress.  Red-haired Eugenia dolls are rare - and I love this one.

When I returned from the Convention on October 1, I quickly searched all Integrity Toy Retailers for a possible purchase.  I was surprised to find her still available at retail price for pre-order.  This surprise was only surpassed by the pleasure of opening the box Friday night.