Saturday, January 12, 2013

They Really Do Mean Well ....

As many of you know I teach gifted children in grades 1 - 5.  Because I work with so many grade levels, I get to know my students quite well.  I've worked with many of them for five years.  You build really good relationships with parents and students when you have this much consistency.

I teach writing to my fifth grade students, and we keep a writer's notebook.  Part of teaching writing requires that I model writing for the children, so I draw from my personal experiences.  We were doing a writing prompt once about something you regret doing in school or something you got in trouble for doing.

In fourth grade, I had a teacher new to the profession.  She was quite "snooty" having to work with rural children in Appalachia, feeling it was beneath her.  Because we were primarily children of farmers and factory workers, she taught "down" to us.  She liked to brag about her family and her trips.  She had gone to Hawaii on her honeymoon and took every opportunity to tell us about her adventures there.

One day she had to leave class and gave us an assignment to keep us busy until she came back.  I finished my work quickly and got bored.  I decided to entertain the rest of the class by climbing up in my chair and imitating Mrs. Rhodes and doing the hula.  Just as I was in full swing and shaking my hips like the hula dancers on Hawaii Five-O, in walks Mrs. Rhodes.  It was the first paddling I ever received in school. 

Naturally, my students loved this story.  For Christmas this year, one of them brought me a present. 

They know I collect dolls and thought it would be great fun to get me something I had shared with them. So, now I have my first Lalaloopsy, Mango Tiki Wiki.  They also pointed out that it was "For ages 4 to 104" and hoped I was still young to collect them.  HA!  HA!  She comes with a little bird friend, a ukelele, a lei, and a coconut drink.  CUTE!

It was really sweet of my student to do this, but I had promised no dolls from another line.  Since this was gift, I couldn't turn it down or return it.  It reflected a personal connection between my students and me.  But, you know how we "doll people" are.  You can't have just one.  She will get lonely.  I took a Target gift certificate I received from another student and decided to get Wiki a friend.

 Everyone needs a personal cheerleader in their life.  Someone to motivate them and support them no matter what.  I didn't have a cheerleader in my doll collection.  Now, I do.  She came with her own megaphone, cheer banner, poms poms, and a little yorkie. (The pom poms actually have little plastic handles to fit on her hands!

Tiki and Peppy became fast friends.  Now, I have started something else!  I have a feeling there will be more.  Fortunately they are small and will not compete for space with my bigger girls.  How adorable!

More Playing Around

I felt badly that I didn't have a doll already dressed in an ensemble by Dressmaker Details.  Some of my favorite clothing items are from Steven's line.  So, I decided I would take some time with a new doll that has been neglected recently due to the 12 of 2012.   This doll actually was very close to being included.

This ensemble was a mix n match grouping.  It is called Twinkle Tweed.  It is one of my very favorite Dressmaker Details suits.  I really love the detail to it.

Under the jacket is this amazing halter top.  It is one of my favorite pieces of clothing for my dolls.  It is made out of a stretchy knit fabric.

Kyori looks great in a plunging neckline!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Playing Around

In my last post, I showed my readers the beautiful OOAK ensemble I got for Christmas from Dagamoart.  There are some truly amazing doll couturiers in our community.  I had recently purchased some other fashions and thought I would share them.

The first fashion was purchased on e-bay.  The items are sold under the title "Ann Collection" with the seller ID "anders6417".   This designer is named Anna Lipka.  E-bay lists the location as "default-Sweden", but I think the package was actually mailed from Poland. 

The model is Fame by Frame Imogen.  She has quickly become a favorite around here.  I haven't been able to find an outfit she cannot wear.  She looks good in everything.  This dress came with the red belt.  It cost $16 + $6 shipping.  What a deal!

The next outfit is from Bogue's Vogue.  I have been trolling his website for months.  His items sell fast, and you can see why.  Many of his ensembles are designed more for the Silkstone body, but fit comfortably on the Monogram and Nuface girls.

The model this time is Spring Forward Eugenia.  I had changed her head to a NuFace body when she arrived.  She looks so young and wonderful.  I wanted her to have a more modelesque form.  I think she is gorgeous.  His items usually run about $60 - $90 plus shipping.

I bought several Clean Lan items this past fall (or let's say that Ndey and Chaundra went on a spending spree with my credit card).  One item that was purchased was a sundress for Model Muse/DG bodies.  I used it as a skirt and paired it with the blouse from the Power Game Natalia Suit.

My model this time is Main Event Adele from the convention.  I had forgotten how beautiful this doll really is.  I think she suffered from a serious wardrobe mistake.  When put in a better ensemble, she is powerful.  This skirt was less than $20.  Most of her items are very affordable!

I actually took the skirt from Adele's outfit and paired it with the blouse from Current Pursuits Vanessa and put it on Haute Societe Veronique.   She has been standing around nude for several weeks now.

Which brings me to Randall Craig outfits.  This one is called Citrus Sleek. It is several years old but is one of my favorites.  It took me a very long time to find the right model for it.

Fete Accompli had been on my holy grail list for a couple years.  I finally found one nude for a great price.  I had to fix the eyelashes but with patience, a dental brush, and a pin she is now perfect.  This outfit was originally $52.  Most of his outfits currently sell for $50+.   They are very well constructed and are produced in limited quantities.

This is a very small sampling of some of what is available to collectors.  I hope to include other designers in future blogs, as I add more beautiful clothes to my doll's wardrobes.  I did not intentionally leave out  designer Stephen Frasier of Dressmaker Details.  I have many of his outfits, but do not have one currently on a doll.  I promise to include him in the next blog!

I hope you enjoyed this mini-fashion show!