Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hold That Tiger Poppy Parker - 2018 Number 6

I had to break one of my guidelines to acquire this doll.   There were several reasons that I initially passed on the purchase of Hold That Tiger from my regular dealer.  I told myself that I already had a couple other black Poppy Parker versions.  I definitely did not like the ensemble (I was a pre-teen in the 70's, so I can remember these fabrics and how it felt on your skin to wear them).   Then I was afraid the production facility would mess up the hair.  Apparently, it's very easy to mess up short hairstyles.

When IRL photos started showing up, I began kicking myself.  I knew this doll was going to be added to my collection, and I knew I was going to have to pay secondary market prices for her.  The search began.  I started scouring ads and auctions.  I wanted one with great eyes and hair, but at a reasonable price.  I finally tracked one down.

Here is Hold That Tiger Poppy Parker in her box.
And a closeup photo.
I love this doll's eyes.  The lip color is perfect.  The hair is amazing.  The accessories weren't too shabby either.
I love the lime green purse and how the matching shoes are constructed.  The enameled jewelry complements the fabric colors.  The faux fur coat is quite adorable.

How does she look out of the box?
What do you think?
I have been waiting for a version of Poppy Parker that could wear my Misaki clothing.
I only have one doppelgänger in my collection (Paparazzi Bait Adele Makeda); however, I am seriously considering adding another.  Hold That Tiger Poppy Parker impresses me that much!