Friday, March 11, 2016

I Love The Smell of New Dolls In The Morning ...

The only thing I love more is the smell of a new doll purchased at a good sale!

Recently Toni's Collectibles had a 40% off sale on in-stock Integrity Toys dolls.  Last year, I purchased every Fashion Royalty dolls from the mainline collection except one - Prestige Natalia Fatale.  Although Shapeshifter Natalia Fatale is one of my top ten dolls of all time, I have never been a huge fan of the Natalia 3.0 mold.

Prestige arrived today, and I was surprised by how much I like her.

A closeup of that beauty mark!
The purpose for her purchase was the complete ensemble which includes an incredible fuchsia purse and matching skin shoes!

I love the face up on this doll.  It seems minimal but looks great.  I like that she has brown eyes.  Although I'm not crazy about the lip color, it's not too offensive in real life.

The ensemble is wonderful.  I love the coat, skirt, and hat.  There is a pale gray plaid bodysuit underneath.

My original plan was to use the FR2 body as a donor, but I think I'll get some playtime out of this girl first.  Number 3 on my list for 2016 is Prestige Natalia Fatale.  (I refuse to add Voltage Erin to my list - her head is off to IT for a replacement anyway!)

By the way - I'm not sure if Toni's Collectibles is still having the sale, but the coupon code was INTY40. Prestige was NRFB and cost less than $100 delivered to my door!