Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Has it been a year already?

Today I celebrate my one year anniversary of this blog.  What a journey?!

A lot has changed ... a lot has remained the same.

I have come full circle with Vintage Barbie.  I recently found her again ... and much better prices.    My last blog was all about the American Girl and case full of clothing that I purchased on e-bay at a remarkable price.  Here is a photo of my Lara wearing the Fiery Fierce that came with the purchase. 

Here is a vintage doll I purchased a couple years ago wearing the Skate Mates outfit that was also included.

I haven't blogged in almost a month because I have been at a standstill with my collecting.  I did finally purchase Graphic Language Adele NRFB at her original retail price.

She is a very lovely doll and has been added to my list of added dolls for 2011.

I have been afraid to purchase more dolls here at the end of the year for fear of receiving dolls as Christmas presents; this would completely mess up my plans and rules.  So ... I came to a very simple solution.  Edit my rules!   I added another addendum to Rule #3.  Dolls given to me as a gift do not require me to sell a doll in return!

That simple change relieved so much pressure and worry.  It allowed me to relax during the holidays.  I received an exquisite 1961 Blonde Bubblecut, MIB.  Her makeup is all original as is her fingernail and toenail polish.  Look at those eyes and lips!
I also got Current Pursuits Vanessa and a couple Star Dolls and Giftsets.  Here is a photo of a Star Doll in her package.
She is very lovely.  This is a closeup of her right out of box but still on the liner. 
I got her because of the outfit.  I thought it would look very nice on the DG/ NuFace/ Poppy/ Monogram/ Misaki girls.  Here she is nude.  She actually has a very lovely body.
I have been waiting for the replacement bodies I ordered from Integrity.  They arrived today.  So, I am going to explain the best way to switch heads on dolls.  First you have to purchase a heating pad.  This is the one I own.  It cost about $15.

I wrap the doll's head in a Bounce Dryer Sheet to protect the doll's hair and turn the head to the side. Those Dryer Sheets are also good for eliminating frizzy flyaways due to static electricity.
I fold the heating pad over the doll's head and turn the heating pad on the high setting.  I leave the doll for about 15 - 20 minutes.   The head should be very pliable and slip right off.  Here is Urban Geisha on a replacement NuFace body, wearing the Star Doll outfit.

The hose are not quite long enough, but the skirt hides it.   The shoes are too big, but are wearable. 

After changing over the Urban Geisha, I wondered what the Star Doll would look like re-bodied.  I was very surprised by the result.

She is a very lovely doll.
The articulation has given her a new life.  I think I am really going to enjoy this girl!