Sunday, February 15, 2015

Miss Kyori Sato

One of my favorite doll molds from Integrity Toys used to be Kyori Sato.   She was introduced in 2004, just about when I first started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls.  I remember the excitement in the the collecting community because IT was adding an Asian character to their lineup.

I own all three versions from that year.  Urban Geisha (middle) is now a more slim NuFace girl while  Red Blooded Woman (right) and Glam Slam (left) are on taller bodies of their own.  Red Blooded Woman's ensemble is one of the most exquisite produced by IT.   The robe for Urban Geisha has such extraordinary embroidery.  Glam Slam has stood the test of time and is still considered one of the better face ups.
Kyori Sato moved right in and made herself at home in 2005.   Although four of the five releases made their way to my home, only two still reside here.    I never purchased Something Hot from the IT Convention (Center), and Skin Is In (Left) and Fierce Subject (Right) have made their way to other collectors' homes.  (NOTE:  Photos are the property of Integrity Toys.)
As Born To Gamble was a tribute to the character Karen Walker on the television series Will & Grace, the purchase of this IFDC doll was a no brainer for me.  Even the bottle of booze sports a label "Karen Walker".   I love this doll.  She is one of the few that can hold its own with the AFL Vanessa twins.  In addition to the bottle of Karen Walker and a glass, the ensemble included black gloves, a cigarette holder, and deck of miniature cards.
Also in 2005, was the most expensive FR doll I had ever purchased (up to that time!).   I remember how reluctant I was to shell out $250, which included overseas shipping.  Personally, I believe this doll continues to be one of the top 10 FR dolls ever produced.  It came in a little suitcase with three ensembles and lingerie.  She is Ginza Blonde.
Fashion Royalty moved to taller bodies in 2006.   There have been many versions of her, but I have only kept three in my collection.  I can't explain it, but I still believe the best versions were the earlier ones.

In 2007, Kyori was graced with the honor of receiving the Atelier treatment.  (There have only been three dolls to packaged in these large folding boxes:  2005 Poesie Sans Coleur Vanessa Perrin, 2006 True Royalty Vanessa Perrin, and 2007 A Brighter Side Kyori Sato).  The gown from A Brighter Side is still my favorite ever produced by IT (photo property of IT).   I have never taken my doll out of her box.  She is going to need to visit the spa for a little work on her eyes.
I remember when this doll arrived.  I keep about 90% of my dolls in their boxes for several days (even weeks, months, or years) before taking them out.  I try to bond with them and make sure they are going to stay.  This girl was released within minutes of arriving.  She is Quick Silver Kyori.
There were only two dolls from the 2011 IT Jet Set Convention that I wanted.  One of them was No Reservation Kyori Sato.  No Reservation was the last Kyori Sato mold 1.0 produced (excluding a 2014 ITBE Limited Edition Morning Dove produced using a tan skin tone).  I believe she is one of the most under-rated FR dolls.
And a closeup.  Such elegance!
In 2012, Kyori Sato's mold was "refreshed".  Although I own every version of mold 2.0, I think most of them favor quite a bit.  Here are 2014 Faded Desert, 2012 And Another Thing, and 2013 Love the One.  (Left to right)
I recently added Nightshade from the 2014 Gloss Convention.  I got her for less than retail.  Most collectors prefer Evening Siren Ayumi from this collection - the other dark haired Asian doll with her hair pulled to the side.  Others believe Nightshade favors Faded Desert too much.   Here is a photo of Nightshade in her box.
I believe Nightshade may be my favorite doll produced using this mold.