Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With Age Comes ...

The old saying is that "With Age Comes Wisdom".   I have decided that old saying is just that - "old" - "too old"!  So, I have done my own take on it - "With Age Comes Moxie".

I awoke on May 23 to celebrate my ?? birthday.  (I had put three question marks there and then was afraid it may be interpreted I was in the three digits!  I made sure it was only two question marks!)

Today was the day the students' end-of-year report cards went home.  I had done everything possible to get all of my students to turn in their missing work.  Sometimes I have trouble getting parent support. So, when I went to the students  for those missing assignments, I got responses like this:
"Say what?  I was just texting my BFF.  ... Oh that ... I told you my little brother had soccer practice, and I had to go to the mall with my stepmom to pick out a wardrobe for our trip to Hawaii.  ... It just didn't get done.  Sorry!"

All I could say in return was: "It's the grade you earn."  I was going to call parents a final time, but I had already done that, along with writing in the students' agenda books, sending e-mails, and reminders home.  (All of that is done on my own time after school.)  So, I finalized all the report cards and sent them home.  I am assuming this is what happened:

"You've got to be kidding me!  Who does that woman think she is giving my stepdaughter these grades!  She's nothing more than a glorified baby sitter, for goodness sake!"
"Well, I guess it's about time I just put her in her place.  I am so glad we didn't bother sending her a 'Thank You' card or gift during Teacher's Appreciation Week or do anything for her for the holiday last year or the last day of school today!  Sure she may have purchased books, games, students snacks, pizza for parties, and school supplies for the classroom from her own money.  So what if she arrived at school early everyday, often left late, and had perfect attendance this year.  She's expected to give up several afternoons and weekends for staff development,  competitions for the students, and PTA activities.   Afterall, she does have the summer off. "
"Let's just see how she likes this little message!?"  (Click on photo to read message.  This is a compilation of the various threats a teacher may see in an academic year.)

Fortunately, my school day ends at 3:15 on Wednesdays, and I decided to leave on time.  All the calls and e-mails had to wait.  After work, I decided to stop at Tuesday Morning and pick up some more of those Frank Sinatra dolls for their pivotal caucasian bodies.  I had used the first one on "Rear Window" Grace Kelly.  I think she looks wonderful!

When I got there, they had three Frank Sinatra and two Elvis.   I decided to leave one of each on the shelf.  I went to the checkout lady to pay.  I used to get, "Are these for your daughters?"   This time the "lady" was a "girl" - probably in her early twenties.  She made the mistake of saying, "Are these for your grand daughters?"

I could definitely put in an expletive here, but I have strived to keep this blog rated PG.  I looked her right in the eyes and said, "No.  These are for me.  I have a collection of dolls.  I like the bodies on these dolls because they can pose.  I plan on popping their heads off and using the bodies on other dolls in my collection.  Then I am going to sell the duplicate outfits to pay for this purchase."

She just looked startled and responded, "Oh. That's not very nice for these dolls."

"It's not about nice.  It's about enjoying my hobby and relieving my stress.  It's what keeps me from going postal.  It calms me down after a difficult day of trying to teach children whose parents have taught them to be disrespectful of teachers because the parents disrespect teachers."

Two ladies behind me gave applause!

Here is what I did with the Elvis outfit.  First I used the body on a Barbie Basic that I hadn't deboxed yet because I didn't have a body donor with the right skin tone.  She is wearing the Elvis blouse, a jacket from a Models on Location, and the pants from AFL Vanessa. 

I had trouble choosing a top to go with the gold lame pants.  BTW, the pants are long enough for the NuFace and FR dolls.  They are a little tight in the thighs, but they work.  I tried a casual top first.  (Since The Rock Wedding trio are getting so much attention on the internet, I brought out my Lilith.)

Then I tried some more dramatic blouses.

And this:
But finally decided on this.
That left me with the jacket.  My poor Chaundra had felt neglected lately.  I couldn't let that happen.  Afterall, she is one of my very favorites.  And since we are talking "moxie", no doll has more of it than Chaundra.
She is also wearing the Elvis shoes.  The blouse is a Dynamite Girl blouse and the slacks are from Silkstone Continental Holiday.  I am loving her in this!

Now for the disclaimer.  This was a photo story and fiction.  It was an example of my acquiring moxie and was more in response to general public opinion toward educators.  The norm for me personally is extraordinary experiences with children and parents who are kind, generous, and supportive.