Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Atlanta Doll Show

I resisted this doll show.  I really did.  The Integrity Convention had tapped out my financial resources.  Fortunately, I've been selling quite a bit on The Doll Page.  I left my credit cards and check book at home.  I took just as much money as I had available to spend. 

I knew I didn't need or want any more dolls.   I was specifically looking for the Silkstone AA Evening Gown, maybe some Vintage, and possibly Ellowyne clothing.  As usual, I take a quick trip around the whole room before making any purchases.  I had seen the Silkie for $89, but that would've taken a big bite out of my funds.  I also had found a couple really nice Vintage TNT dolls.  Again, they were too pricey for me that day.

One seller, an older lady, was selling her personal collection of vintage clothing.  I had been looking for some pack items.   She had the orange body suit shirt, long skinny skirt, and pants.  It came home with me.  Here is one of my vintage bubbles wearing it:
It surprises me how good a redhead can look in orange.
She also had the pink pak blouse and skirt.  Both still had their inspection tags in them:

You just can't beat Barbie pink:

I had been watching Orange Blossom for a long time.  She had one that was complete and minty crisp with inspection tags:
My freckle-less Midge is perfect model for this lovely ensemble:

Although I already own Resort Set, I couldn't pass one up with the original bracelet and perfect cork shoes for $25.  The little red jacket is still factory sewn at the bottom.  It had never been on a doll.

I have been trying to piece together an Open Road ensemble.  I have the pants and coat.  Can you imagine my surprise at getting one this pristine:

One of my favorite Vintage Bubbles looks so good in this.  It was complete and is perfect.  I got it for $50.

I couldn't believe I was able to find all of this at such incredible prices.  Everything is very clean.  Most of it is mint, and many items still have the inspection stickers.  The seller said that the release of all the reproduction clothing made it almost impossible to get anything for these items.  She said the reproduction clothing had really hurt the vintage market. 

After shopping with this seller, I still had money left for the Silkie.  Unfortunately, she was gone.  So, I went around a final time.

I guess I ended up buying a doll afterall.  She was all of $10.
I guess you are wondering why I needed this doll   Someone has to run my last purchase from the show.  Here it is. 

A NRFB Barbie Loves McDonald's from 1982.  I couldn't believe it was still NRFB.  I got it for $40 total!  So, I left with enough money for lunch.   It feels good to set a budget and stick to it.  It feels better to come home with some many wonderful items at great prices.   Oh, the joy of collecting dolls.