Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year's Resolution - Number 3

My New Year's Resolution - Number 3 is enjoy each doll more.  This will be a very difficult resolution to keep.

Last year, it seemed that new dolls were arriving almost weekly.   I was able to get several grails from my list, purchase some older dolls at great "below retail" prices, and get most of the dolls from the 2013 line.   Just from the Integrity Convention, I added 15 dolls to my collection.  Most of them are still in their boxes.

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but a lot stems from the fact that most of the dolls from IT this year were on the FR2 body.  Trying to redress these dolls has been quite a challenge.

I started with Poppy Parker outfits.  As long as they are not long sleeves or have pant legs, they seem to be a good fit.  I've had to move the "loop" over for the hook to catch, but they actually look pretty good.  Even the shoes fit!  This is from the 2013 Convention and is called Elegant Evening.
Then, I tried Monogram ensembles.  These were another good option.  This outfit is from 2012 and is called Exaggeration.

As you can see the back of this particular dress closes nicely.  Not all of the shoes fit.  Unfortunately, most of the Monogram dolls were produced wearing evening attire, so redress options are limited.
A lot of clothing for the NuFace body will fit also.  Even items from Clean Lan and other manufacturers.  This is the denim collection from a few years ago.  I was impressed with how good October Issue looks in casual clothing.
The blouse was from the Color Infusion line this year.  Again, I had to move the loop on the skirt, but I even got it work.  It seems like Color Infusion is an option!
Where did that jacket come from?   It was from the Barbie Loves Elvis doll.  I was surprised that even the pants fit.  I could just barely get the snap to close, but it did.  Looks like some of the Mattel clothing may work.  I know the "Basics" knit dresses work well.
I got the Herve Leger outfit to fit Renegade Dasha.  Even the boots worked!
I used October Issue as my model for most of these ensembles.  I truly do enjoy this doll and want to give her the time in front of the camera she deserves.  She is going to be my "go to" doll for redressing this month.

I tried Vintage Barbie with the FR2 body, but it doesn't work at all.  The position of the waist and smaller bust makes these items not an option.  They look horrible.

I had considered putting October Issue on a regular FR body and went in search of a donor.  I considered Ambitious Kesenia, but then I tried Golden Elegance from 1963 on her.   Oh my!
Now, that's the way a dress is supposed to fit a doll!  I can't make up my mind about body switching Agnes, but I am enjoying her more.  Playing around with her helped me to find renewed joy with Kesenia as well.
I'm off to a good start with Resolution #3.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Resolution - Number 2

New Year's Resolution Number 2 is to "Finish what I start".   I have several boxes of diorama pieces that I keep because "I may need them some day."   In addition, I have purchased items with the intent of "bashing" them - only to leave them untouched.

An example of this was the "Stage Diorama" produced by Integrity Toys this year.  I purchased two of them because I wanted the flexibility of different backdrops, and I wanted to combine the floor to make it larger.

Over the holidays I buckled down and worked on this.  This is result (without the lights attached):
I was trying to achieve the look of a penthouse in an old office building.  I created faux windows by using a large double page photo of an Atlanta skyline after dark.   I put transparency film over the pictures to make it look like glass.   The brick is  from Michael's - the floor is contact paper.  I will need to re-glue parts of the vinyl brick because it is tricky to work with.

 I wanted to see how a doll looked.  Here is After Tonight Eugenia …

What do you think?  I'm glad it's finished.  I still have to add the lights, but I have a plan for that now.  At least I'm starting out on the right foot on this resolution.