Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Doll Collecting Goes Badly Wrong ...

I have recently become a doll stalker.  That's right.  I've been seen three times this week lurking the aisles of local Walmarts, stealthily sneaking upon Monster High dolls and actually fondling the boxes!

The hardest doll rule I created this year was "Rule 1:  Focus My Collecting:  If I don't already have some I don't need one."    What was I thinking??

First, I need to stay off the dollboards.  BUT I SIMPLY CANNOT DO THAT!  It's my stress relief.  It is the one thing that keeps me from cocktail hour and binging on moosetrack ice cream.  (Of course not at the same time, but now I wonder how that would taste?)

All of these enablers on the dollboards (and you know exactly who you are) are enticing me with these super skinny, funky, wild haired, big eyed, freaky dolls.  They are fabulous.  I actually purchased a Ghoulia Yelps last year, but I returned her for fear of what havoc such a purchase could do to future doll spending.

I've been able to avoid these dolls for 8 months ... but now they've come out with their school collection.  And being a school teacher, I find them totally irrestible, especially Frankie Stein Home Ick.

I almost even talked myself into buying two (or three or four) so that I could "skirt around" my rule.  Afterall, it wouldn't be just one!  But, for now ... I'm still in the "just stalking" phase.

... Now to get back on track in all of this.   I can fortunately say that no new doll has entered my house since Cosmetic Takeover.  And "takeover" she has done.  She looks fantastic in Riveting Premier Isha's outfit.  I think this doll is one of the sexiest dolls ever created. 

And in my haste to get this poor girl's head onto a body pronto, I didn't get to photograph her stock. 

Here is her original body as packaged (except with the cracked neck).  I can see what Integrity means when they said, "Get back to the original quality" ... I am referring to the ensemble folks ... definitely not the crumbling neck!   Quality is definitely a word I'd use with this outfit.  Although I am not a fan of fur (even reclaimed/reused fur), the fur is extraordinary.  And those shoes are magnificent.  They have a little chain around the ankle that actually fastens with a hook and eye!  WOW!

Three more dolls have left over the past two weeks bringing my total to 44 dolls gone!  

But I have to decide about the 7 dolls waiting in the queue.  So how do I deal with making a difficult decision.  AVOID it, of course.  Since Private Goddess is freed from her box, I decided to dress her.  I purchased an outfit from a doll collecting friend name Kem recently.  Kem included a cute little Miami Collection bathing suit in with my purchase as a nice gift and surprise.  Here is Private Goddess in this outfit.  She may not be quite as dreadful as I originally thought.  She may be staying for a while.

And since I was playing with these two Nats, I decided to throw a swimsuit on Capricious who has been sporting a NuFace body for some time.  This body is from "The Making of Erin". 

And finally, I deboxed Femme du Monde.  She has been in her box for about three years now.  I believe she really is one of the most under-rated FR dolls of all time.  I forgot how much I love this doll and her ensemble.  The blue bra and earring were added.

She photographs so nicely and looks great in so many things.

... so another doll out of the box ... that means two of my six have some more time for deep consideration.  I think I will leave the two Monograms in their boxes for now; I need to decide about the Monograms anyway.   So, I need to debox one of the four others .... maybe next week!