Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Tropicalia Winner

I counted up the dolls offered at Tropicalia.  If you brought home one each of every version of doll from Tropicalia, you would've added 38 dolls to your collection.  Well, I didn't come home with 38 new dolls for my collection, but I refuse to write any more specific details.  As Forest Gump would say, "That's all I got to say about that."

I am definitely a member of the Victoire fan club.  I don't care much for the Bride of Dracula body, but I love Victoire and everything she represents.  I love her vintage look.  I love the design behind the clothing.  I was so excited that she showed up at the Integrity Convention in two incarnations. 

At the W Club Luncheon, attendees could purchase St. Tropez for $85.  A tan Victoire!
Victoire came with a wonderful "wicker" bag, jewelry, sunglasses, and gorgeous silver shoes.  She was dressed in a one piece bathing suit with a wonderful little jacket and a white scarf.  I understand what Integrity was trying to do with the vintage design for the swimsuit, but it just didn't translate well in this scale.  The Bride of Dracula body does not look good in this type of attire due to the way the legs fit into the torso.
But when you redress St. Tropez, then she really comes alive.  At the Atlanta Doll Show last weekend, I was looking for the new Silkstone Evening Gown doll at a good price.  I really only wanted the outfit.  I found one there for $89 but it was sold by the time I made my way back around the room.  Fortunately, Paula on the Pink Parlour posted that she was selling the entire ensemble for $45.  I got it!

Here is St. Tropez in a full length photo.
This doll truly is exceptional in white. 
I love her face up.   I think she is more versatile than first believed.

 And ... naturally I was able to find a place for some of the rest of the outfit ....  I paired it with white slacks and found a very willing model.  Here is Current Pursuits Vanessa wearing the ensemble. 

I really love this version of Vanessa.  She is version 2.0.   She was supposed to be a close-mouthed version of the orginal Vanessa.  There was a lot of loyal Vanessa fans who refused to accept her.  I think she is an extraordinarily beautiful doll.  At the convention, Vanessa version 3.0 was unveiled.  She now has an open mouth again.  I don't understand why they just didn't go back to the original version.  It doesn't make sense to spend all that time and money on a new mold that looks so much like the first one.

Anyone who has been on the doll blogs knows that the second W Club doll is Vanessa 3.0.  She is called Out Sass.  This is the photo Integrity Toys sent to members:

Her styling reminds me of "World on A String" Eugenia from the regular line.  She is a lovely doll and I am excited about adding her to my collection.
Now, it's off to see which doll to open next ....