Monday, February 22, 2016

New Year … Same Song

I was so excited when I received Polarity Nadja.  Once I pulled her hair back, she just came to life for me.  I ordered a gown from Antonio Realli a few weeks ago.  I purchased it with Polarity in mind.  It arrived last week and I'm glad I waited to redress her.  She is divine in this gown.
I have since named this doll Cachet (ca-shay).  It's an unusual name and fits her personality.  She looks like she prefers the finer things in life.  I have decided to pull a wardrobe together just for her.  She is probably going to be a "staple" doll in my collection.  I really like her that much.  The only thing I would change is her lip color, but I can live with it as is for now.

When the NuFace line was originally promoted, the other doll that I was most excited about was Voltage Erin.  Here is the promo photo from Integrity Toys (IT).  My favorite hair color for a doll is strawberry blonde and they are few and far between.
When the first photos started showing up, it was obvious the production doll was very different from the promo by hairline and hair color.  I was very disappointed.  That disappointment was nothing compared to how poorly this doll is screened.
Look at how different her eyebrows are!  One eye has white under the iris, the other is set evenly.  I've never seen anything like it.   "Voltage" is the right name for her because it looks like she has been electrocuted.   At least it took my mind off her hair!  My 2nd doll of 2016 is a disaster - it appears quality control hasn't improved over last year.  I have already contacted patient care.  At $140, I am so disappointed!