Saturday, December 1, 2018

Love of Luxe Veronique Perrin - #16 of 2018

I resisted this doll.  I really tried.   I had purchased her ensemble separately for Walking On Gold Adele Makeda, so I wouldn't be tempted by the doll herself.   Unfortunately, the more photos that are showing up post-convention, the more I had to have her.

This year's Welcome Gift Doll was Love of Luxe Veronique Perrin.   She has red hair (which is a shade that is difficult to catch in photos - it often photographs brighter than it actually is in person).  The hair is a high ponytail which was one of the hair themes this year.  It is straight and easy to maintain - you have no idea my fear of flyaway curly hair!

Love of Luxe shares the same screening with many other Veronique versions.  The first time this screening showed up was Sweet Smell of Success for 2012 and the convention Veroniques that year, Haute Societe and Workshop.  It turned up again in 2013 at the convention with Breathless and at the 2015 convention with Stage Presence.  This year we saw it again in the spring with Fetish Fatale.  Although it is a favorite among collectors, I think it needs to be retired for a  period of time.

Here is Love of Luxe Veronique Perrin in the box.
And a closeup.  I finally found a version with a hairline I could live with.  Most versions of this doll have truly messed up hairlines.  I think this issue needs to be addressed by IT.
She came with black shoes that tie up her ankles (not sure why because it totally ruins the look of the dress).   She is wearing cute pink lace panties (one of my favorite things about the ensemble).  The jewelry is a simple bracelet and flower shaped dangle earrings with a "green" stone in the middle.  It isn't a cohesive look, but I like the pieces separate for other uses.
As has been the case with most of the dolls from the Luxe Life Convention, they look much better redressed.  (I will probably be selling the extra ensemble on e-bay.)   It is cold and rainy here, so Vero had to put on a sweater.

She's a very cute doll and I think she will redress quite well.   I like the pale skin tone with the coppery red hair.  (When she is in the pink the dress, the camera wants to make her hair brighter red.) I thought the doll I was purchasing had a better hairline.  This one isn't horrible, but I it could be better.  She is easy to pick up around the $125 mark.   The ensemble and body are worth that.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Luxuriously Gifted Natalia Fatale - #15 of 2018

Natalia Fatale is one of my very favorite molds created by Integrity Toys.  Unfortunately, she rarely gets "preferential treatment" by the designers.  Sadly, this continued to be the trend with Luxe Life.  

When I first saw Luxuriously Gifted as the attendee gift doll for the opening dinner at the Luxe Life convention, I immediately connect her with Echelon Monogram from 2012.  
Fortunately, I've been lurking the boards trying to get this ensemble for a reasonable price and always come up empty-handed.  Although this version of Natalia Fatale seemed a "throw back" to other IT dolls:  most notably from the 2011 Convention - "Air Apparent Veronique," "Forever Veronique," and "Evermore Vanessa," I wanted that ensemble badly.  I was surprised that attendees had trouble selling this doll and collectors have given her such a poor response.  It worked out well for me as I was able to purchase her NRFB shipped for a little over $100.
When she arrived, I quickly opened her expecting a doll I would probably undress and sell nude.  I didn't expect to be so smitten.
The doll comes with minimum accessories.  A pair of cute earrings, another set of hands with "acrylic nails," and a pair of shoes.
The gold stands are cute!  .. BUT that bow just had to go.  For me personally, it ruined the whole presentation.
This is quite a cute doll!  Now, let's see that amazing bodysuit. 
WOWZA!  That is one well made little bodysuit!  I love it.  It will get A LOT of playtime around here!
Since this was Natalia, I had to get out the monogrammed dressing robe from Shapeshifter.
Okay!   She is really smoking HOT in black!

How about dressing her up a little.  The long mermaid skirt is from the "Black as Night" giftset circa 2006.  The fur belonged to 2005's "A Fashionable Life" Vanessa.  
What do you think?

After I got her redressed, it finally hit which other doll(s) Luxuriously Gifted reminded me of - and they are grails.  She is combination of two dolls.  The first was a table centerpiece from the 2006 IT Convention - a platinum version of Lights, Camera, Royal Veronique (edition size 150).  This photo was taken from the Fashion Royalty Website stating "courtesy of Amanda".
And the second is from a doll I owned but sold her last year to someone who had bought other dolls from me. 
Her father had passed away and she needed some retail therapy and wanted Optic Clash Dania.  I didn't mind selling Optic Clash, but I've always missed her and can never afford to replace her.  
I know it's not a perfect match, but I think she'll serve the purpose.  Platinum blonde hair, hot pink lips, blue eyes, pink eyeshadow.  It definitely gave me a new perspective and appreciation of Luxuriously Gifted Natalia Fatale.