Saturday, February 16, 2019

#6 of 2019 - Resurgence Natalia Fatale

One thing that makes limiting your IT collection difficult is the fact that many dolls from a previous year's lineup don't arrive to collectors until the following year.  For me, I consider these dolls 2019 dolls even though they were promoted in 2018.

The first doll to make my list of 2019 that wasn't available to collectors until 2019 is Resurgence Natalia Fatale.

Here is a photo in the box.
I'm not sure what kind of semi-gloss sealer is being used on these dolls' eyes, but I don't like it one bit in photographs.  This is an extraordinarily beautiful doll, but I can't get a good photo of her face for the life of me. At first, this photo made me think of Charlize Theron.  Can you see that?
But out of the box, she reminds me of someone else...
Victoria Beckham ... Do you see this resemblance?  That makes me love her even more.  This doll came with all sorts of goodies.  In jewelry, there were these long amazingly detailed earrings, a lovely ring for her finger, and six (that's right six) bracelets.  There was a pair of sunglasses and an opulent brocade cape!
I think the designers really hit a home run with this doll.  I need to brush out her hair a little, but I really wanted to see what she looked like wearing the turban.  Yes, I said "turban"!
Oh my!   The #6 doll to enter my collection in 2019 is Resurgence Natalia Fatale.  And I don't think she will be leaving any time soon!

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3 ... 4, 5

I had thought that this year would be another year of total refinement for my collection.  I set out with really good intentions.  I wanted to make my collection exactly what I wanted.

As we all realize, doll collecting is truly a case of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  What one collector may consider a "Holy Grail" another collector may think to be just a regular doll.   My personal tastes are rather eclectic.   I have sold many dolls from my collection that make other collectors gasp, "How were you ever able to let her go!"

One example of this was my sale of Optic Verve Agnes Von Weiss last year.   I have been collecting IT dolls since 2005.  I was fortunate to win the right to buy this doll in the W Club lottery, so I actually paid retail price for her.   My "stray hair phobia" kept her in the box until she achieved status as the #1 Fashion Royalty "Holy Grail" of all time.  I have dolls whose eyelashes have fallen off.  I've had dolls that have yellowed over time.  Since I wasn't enjoying this doll and had all these fears about the possibilities of her future condition, I decided to let her go.  I sold her for more than what I paid for my first car (or even my second car for that matter)!

I know this will sound crazy to many of you out there, but the thing that made this choice easier was Luxe Life Optic Illusion Giselle Diefendorf.  For some reason I am more drawn to Optic Illusion than Optic Verve (and I am an Agnes fanatic, having owned every version of Agnes except the Saks Fifth Avenue doll).   I patiently waited until my e-bay bucks became available and then watched for "that perfect doll" to show up.
My #1 doll added to my collection in 2019 is Optic Illusion Giselle Diefendorf.  Unfortunately, the weather here, combined with my hectic schedule this winter, has prevented me deboxing her.  I am waiting for a time when I can spend hours redressing and fussing over this doll!  I think she is phenomenal and I wish I had purchased her in 2018, so she could've been added to my Best of 2018 list.

Even though I rarely replace a doll that leaves my collection, sometimes I experience regrets!  A couple years ago I sold Intoxicating Mix Vanessa Perrin to a dolly friend.  She even warned me that I may miss her in my collection.  She was right, especially after seeing her rerooted as a blonde on flickr (Do yourself a favor and check out this flickr link Blonde Intoxicating Mix Vanessa Perrin).   I got this doll at an incredible price NRFB.  NRFB is difficult since this doll is from the 2005 Royaltini Convention and was produced in an edition size of only 300.
 My #2 doll returning to my collection in 2019 is Intoxicating Mix Vanessa Perrin.
In my first blog entry of 2019, I mentioned that I was hoping to "fine tune" my Ellowyne Wilde collection a little more.  Last year, I sold off all the male friends of Ellowyne.  One that I regretted letting go was Just Relax Penn.  He was NRFB, so he wasn't getting any attention.  He is my favorite version of this mold, so I bought him back recently.  Another collector on a doll board had him "displayed without original packaging" for less than half what I sold him for last year.  He has rejoined the ranks!  #3 of 2019 is Just Relax Penn.
An Ellowyne that seems to always elude me is A Case of the Blues.   This version of Ellowyne actually has bright blue hair!   She is one of the more sought after versions of Ellowyne Wilde.  Being in the right place at the right time paid off again!  #4 of 2019 is A Case of the Blues Ellowyne Wilde.
This brings me to my #5 doll of 2019.  Again, being in the right place at the right time brought me the fortune of seeing Miss Behave Poppy Parker's head being sold at a really good price.  Apparently, the collector had purchased the Miss Behave ensemble and did not collect Poppy Parker.  This version of Poppy looks more mature and modern than most, so I wanted to put her on a NuFace body anyway.  This is the only Poppy to be produced in the cream skin tone.  She looks great as a NuFace girl.  (Many of the production dolls had a high forehead, I am so relieved this one does not!   I braided one side of her hair to achieve this look.)
That's five dolls who arrived this year that were produced previous to 2019.  There are still a couple Ellowyne Wilde dolls I would add to my collection if the price was right.  There are only a couple FR dolls that I would be interested in purchasing.

Unfortunately, I haven't listed any dolls for sale yet this year.  I better get on the ball!