Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reality Check

After my last post I had an anxiety attack.  I really felt out of control.   As a doll collector, this is not a foreign feeling.

So, I took some time and re-evaluated everything.  I decided to work on my New Year's Resolutions and turn them into my "Rules for Doll Collecting and Having a More Enjoyable Life and Hobby":

RULE 1:  Focus my collecting.

I am completely all over the place with my collecting.  I have Barbie, Silkstone, Momoko, Gene, Tyler/Sydney, Tiny Kitty, Goodreau BJD, Pullip, Bratz, LIV, Dynamite Girls, Poppy, NuFace, Fashion Royalty,  Monogram, Misaki, Vintage Ginny, and Antique Porcelain Head.  And thanks to some special "friends" on the dollboards, I've been eyeing those Monster High dolls.  Naughty ... Naughty .... Naughty!

It's not a problem to appreciate the beauty between the different dolls, it's just I don't have enough room to enjoy my collection.  I have outgrown my comfort zone and the first casualties are:

These six dolls have been in a box for a couple of years.  They are the only Bratz I own.  I will list them as a set on The Doll Page.  If they don't sell ... it's off to Goodwill. 

I also have a NRFB Iden that needs a new home.  He is VHTF, so I know someone will want him.

In addition, I am going to list my ONE Momoko and some clothing I purchased for her.  I saw a post where someone had dressed her in this lingerie set and "I had to have it" - the doll and the outfit.  This was an expensive impulse buy.  She has no friends to hang out with here, so she needs a new home.

And I also have ONE odd Gene.  I always loved this particular outfit.   It is so classy and beautiful.   But I don't need only one doll from a line.  She is  lonely and sad.  Hopefully she will find a good home.

Which brings me to my next rule:

RULE 2:  No more impulse buying! 

It's alright to look at the posting boards, but I must avoid impulse purchases after I see something I like.  I must wait at least 24 hours before moving from the posting board to E-bay or The Doll Page.

This rule will avoid many mishaps, including my foray into Pullip dolls.  I haven't been "officially" counting this little imp as one of my 2011 dolls, but I guess it's time to fess up.  She was purchased this year and lives with me and causes quite a bit of havoc around here.   I couldn't resist her after seeing her posted on another board.

Impulse buying is one of my biggest weaknesses.  In my last blog, I posted that I purchased eight dolls at the ToysRUs "Buy One Get One Free" sale.  In my "buyer's remorse", I did return six of those dolls.  I couldn't bring myself to let I Dream of Jeannie go because I think that will be the most wonderful halloween costume for one of my girls, and I had already set Penelope Cruz free.   Just because it's on sale or cheap, doesn't mean I must have it.  I know those dolls would not have been played with or displayed.  They would've just stayed in their boxes in the closet.  (I also returned the Juicy Couture girls to Tuesday Morning.)

Someone who posts as "Jim" on Doll Divas message board posted some of the most breathtaking photos I've ever seen of Tiny Kitty dolls a few years ago.  They had a little dress salon and everything.  I was mesmerized.  I immediately started a small collection of Tiny Kitty dolls.  A collection that is still in its boxes today as a result of more impulse buying.  They will be the next dolls to find new homes.

RULE 3:  Until I get my collection completely under control, no new doll comes in without one leaving.

As you know, this was one of my resolutions, and it was one of the reasons I got so anxious after my shopping spree.    (That coupled with the fact that the new Integrity Line dolls are arriving by the boxful!)   However, I had to come up with some specific stipulations to make it manageable.

Addendum 1It doesn't have to be the same type of doll, nor same quality.  It doesn't have to be a doll sold on the internet or given to my sister; it can be a doll donated to Good Will.  This rule was to limit the sheer numbers of dolls in my posession, not a way of paying for my hobby.  This addendum will help alleviate my stress about numbers.

Addendum 2: Listing a doll on The Doll Page counts as a doll leaving because she will be moving to a new home. 

I put together 10 playline dolls on bodies that look like a good skintone match.  They will be leaving soon.

Rule 4:  No doll stays in its box for more than two weeks.  It either comes out of the box or is sold.

This was my other resolution.  I am definitely going to have to bend this one as much as possible.  It was originally intended to make me form a decision about a doll quickly.   That way, I don't look at a doll months down the road and wonder why I purchased it.  Unfortunately, when dolls arrive in multiple, I can't enjoy and savor the moment of a new doll if I am forcing myself to open another one.    Integrity ships their dolls in batches, so I had to develop addenda for this one also.

Addendum 1:  If I want to keep a doll in a box, a different NRFB doll in my collection must come out of the box.  That way the number of boxed dolls is not growing.

Addendum 2:  When multiple dolls arrive together, 2 weeks is given for a decision on each doll.  I know!  I know!  I purchased 8 dolls at the TRU BOGOF sale which would constitute 4 months of decision making, but I DID take back six of those!

This week three more Integrity Dolls arrived in the mail.  High Brow Adele was chosen to come out:

I was hoping I would be able to add this girl to my group of Adeles.  Unfortunately, her faceup reminds me too much of Something Sexy.  So I am going to rebody her and use her handspeak body on Bodacious (my alltime favorite Adele).  I also love the clothing, so it will stay.

The shoes that came with this Adele are extraordinary.  I don't get how they work with what she is wearing, but I have defnite plans for them.

Rule 5: I will NOT pay more than retail price for any doll, not including convention exclusives.  Because I do not attend conventions, I do not incur the registration fee, travel fare, or hotel expenses.  That allows me to purchase a couple of the convention dolls that I most like.  The only other exception is the two dolls currently on my Grail list - Cosmetic Takeover Natalia and A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa.

These are photos from the FR Reference List website at

There you have it!  I am much calmer now.  I believe I will sleep better at night ... except for those dreams of running down the isles of Target trying to find the new Monster High dolls .... oh, no!

BTW, anyone interested in of the dolls I'm selling can find them on The Doll Page ...