Friday, June 2, 2023

Desperately Chasing My Own Tail ... Collection Cycle 2023 #7, #8, #9, and #10

If receiving six dolls in one shipment from Integrity Toys (IT) the first week of January wasn't enough to make this collector a might bit nervous, then imagine how I felt when a box arrived the following week from Jamieshow Muses with four dolls, four ensembles, and two accessory packs!  As any doll collector knows, it was a feeling of elation!  LOL!

If you've been following my blog over the past few years, you know I've become quite smitten by the Jamieshow Muses/Owensu line of dolls.  These dolls are not cheap - by any definition of the word "cheap".   Jamieshow releases two complete capsule each year with dolls produced to order, which causes them to be shipped approximately six months later.  The dolls are made from a patented resin material that is durable, substantial, and beautiful.  They are ball jointed dolls that utilize a stringing method which allows the joints greater flexibility for posing.  Each doll is hand painted and their bodies are hand blushed.   The tops of their heads are held in place with magnets which allows you to change out wigs on a whim.  (Wigs average in cost from $30 - $45 usually.)   

Last year, I purchased my first male Jamieshow Muses, Dangerous Love Orlando.  He even showed up as Number 9 in my Best of 2022 countdown.  Here is the link to that: Best of 2022 - Number 9 - Jamieshow Muses Dangerous Love Orlando .

When Jamieshow Muses/Owensu announced their Bonjour Paris line last year, I knew it was time to get Orlando a friend.  Here is the promo photo for the Bonjour Paris line by Jamieshow.

I was so eager to open the box and take out Michael.  He is quite handsome!  Here is a closeup photo of him right out of the box.

Look at all those bulging muscles.  The body blushing on him is quite wonderful.  Here he is redressed out for a ride on his vintage bike.  The girls have gone crazy for him!  I'm sure you can see why.  (By the way, I haven't told my husband but Bonjour Paris Michael has a very uncanny resemblance to my college boyfriend that I almost married!)

I had a great deal of difficulty narrowing down my choices from the three girls.  In the end, I just got all three!  First up is the one that I added last to my cart.  This is Anya in her stock wig and ensemble.  (I added a plastic Barbie hairbow to pull her hair back so you could see her dramatic faceup.)

She looks great a blonde also.  Here she is wearing one of the Integrity Toys Versace dresses from the Supermodel Convention.

My second favorite and the one that turned out to be one of my favorite dolls ever produced by Jamieshow is Eileen.  Here is her photo.

She redresses so well and looks so good in many different wig colors and styles.

There was no way I wasn't going to buy Sabina.  She is also a very versatile model.  Here is her photo out of box with a closeup of this wonderful face wearing her original wig.

I put an Integrity Toys Mini Avant Gard wig on her while she had on her original ensemble.

She has been so fun to redress!  She can either be casual ...

or more formal ...

As you can see, the versatility of these dolls is amazing.  Just a quick wig switch and you have an entirely different looking doll.  As I mentioned earlier, they are more expensive than Integrity Toys dolls, almost three times the price, but the play value is exponentially greater.   

So we were in the middle of January.  I was supposed to be resetting my collecting clock for 2023, starting at 0 Additions and 0 Sales.  Instead, I find myself redressing and photographing 10 new dolls added to my collection from only two shipments.  I hadn't even started sorting or photographing dolls to sell yet.  I was in over my head and was beginning to feel like hyperventilating.  And the month of January wasn't even over yet.

But the bliss of new dolls!  The bliss of new dolls makes it all worth it!


Monday, May 29, 2023

Desperately Chasing My Own Tail ... Collection Cycle 2023 #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6

 It's difficult to believe it's been almost six months since my last post - my Number 1 doll purchase for my Best of 2022 Countdown.   

Please excuse my extended absence from this blog; since my mother-in-law's illness and death just prior to Thanksgiving, we've had a lot to deal with.  I am finally taking a short breath and attending to some housekeeping.

Covid 19 just screwed up everything worldwide.  Plain and simple!   Supply chains.  Production facilities. Shipping.  Everything!

Since new doll shipments seem to come in tidal waves lately, collecting them has gotten more overwhelming and stressful.  My first shipment at the beginning of January actually contained SIX dolls added to my collection.  You read that correctly.  SIX!  At ONE time!

The W Club 25th Anniversary Edition doll was advertised in 2021, but she didn't start shipping to collectors until the end of December 2022.  Mine arrived in early January.  I was eager to see this doll because it used a favorite character mold, Vanessa Perrin 1.0.  Every time a blonde Vanessa Perrin 1.0 is produced collectors start screaming, "A revisit of Poesie Sans Couleur!"  Although there have been several produced over the years that may have given a nod to this iconic grail (especially Black Tie Ball), none have actually reached the aesthetic.   That is until now.  

Graceful Reign Vanessa Perrin is just stunning.  Here is the Integrity Toys (IT) promo photo.  

This doll comes with some nice accessories to go with that extravagant gown and cape.

As is often the case, the production doll is even better than the promo photos.  Here is a closeup of Graceful Reign in the box.

I fell in love with this face.  The hairstyle is even quite good.  In my opinion this doll can actually give Poesie Sans Couleur a run for her money!   But the proof is often in the redress, and this girl is amazing in a different ensemble.  Here she is wearing the boots from Afterglow Keeki Adaeze and the coat that came with Fierce Zuri Okoty (both of the IT Meteor line).  

Collecting Cycle 2023 Addition Number 1 - Graceful Reign Vanessa Perrin.

Also arriving at IT during this time was the last doll from the NuFantasy Coven Couture Collection designed by Mark Tinkey.  This was the only doll from that line to capture my interest.  I thought the dress was the best of the four doll collection and the character chosen is one that hasn't been able to develop a strong fan base with collectors.  I actually liked this version of the character quite a bit.  This is the production photo by IT.

And a look at the accessories.

Again, the production doll is much better than the promo photos and the dress is actually more of a cocoa color in person.  The metallic threads tend to shift the color in many photos.  In my opinion, she is one of the better versions of this neglected character mold.

Collecting Cycle 2023 Addition Number 2 - Elements of Enchantment Korinne Dimas.

All three of the 2022 W Club Upgrade dolls arrived in the same shipment.  When you join the W Club, you have the option of adding three different dolls to your membership payment, representing three popular IT lines.  These dolls are usually offered at a special new member price.  In 2022 there was a 15% price hike, so W Club members had to pay regular doll prices of previous years.  

The first 2022 W Club Upgrade doll represented their flagship line, Fashion Royalty, and was one of the most popular characters.

Here is the W Club promo photo from IT.

With the price increase, IT realized collectors would expect a little more, so that was reflected in the accessories.

Although a stunning doll in an interesting ensemble, this doll hasn't quite become as popular with collectors as previous versions.  

Collecting Cycle 2023 Addition Number 3 - Up With a Twist Agnes Von Weiss.

For many years now, IT has been mixing things up by producing caucasian character molds as dolls of color.  Many of these have become collector favorites and some have even become grails.   This had been limited to the Fashion Royalty line until last year.  The second doll offered to new W Club members as an upgrade was a very popular NuFace character.

Here is the W Club promo photo from IT.

Accessories?  Yes, please.

How do you resist this doll?  IT collectors have been begging for denim, so here it is.  This girl has gotten very mixed reactions.  Some collectors just do not like her (primarily due to her face up) but some collectors are mad for her.  I this she is gorgeous and photographs beautifully.

Collecting Cycle 2023 Addition Number 4 - Earth Angel Eden Blair.

The final upgrade doll was one that I was very "on-the-fence" about.  Sometimes a designer can do "too much" with a doll, which is an unfortunate failing for the doll.  Here is the W Club IT Promo.

Another group of accessories.

Although this style is an accurate reflection of the fashion period on which it is based, I just think it is overdone.  Unfortunately, a lot of collectors agree as it has not been as popular as many of the other versions produced over the past few years.  I'm not sure this doll will be staying in my collection; however, I don't think she is selling well on secondary market at this time.

Collecting Cylce 2023 Addition Number 5 - Ultra Violet Poppy Parker.

The IT Online Convention for 2022 was called "Stay Tuned" and was quite a let down for collectors.  The only doll offered that I was remotely interested in purchasing was a Poppy Parker reminiscent of a television show I watched as a child, That Girl.  The doll was an obvious copy of the Marlo Thomas character.  Fortunately, I was able to win the right to buy this doll through a W Club lottery.

Here is the W Club IT promo photo.

A look at the accessories.

This doll was easily the very best from the digital convention.  Her screening is gorgeous.  Such a beautiful version.

Collecting Cycle 2023 Addition Number 6 - Miss Independence Poppy Parker.

Six dolls arriving at one time at the very beginning of the year was quite overwhelming.  So, how you feel if that were ten dolls arriving at one time at the very beginning of the year?  Stay tuned for my next blog post!