Monday, July 30, 2018

Time of the Season Poppy Parker - 2018 Number 10

I try to only allow myself to purchase dolls on secondary market that were exclusives to doll conventions.  I have a good relationship with a dealer and can get most retail dolls at original price.  I am also a W Club member and can get those dolls direct.

The trouble with purchasing a doll on secondary market is that one can never recover their expense; a collector must know that the doll is one that is going to bring them considerable joy from ownership. If you try to sell a doll, you usually have to pay 10% fee to e-bay, 3.5% to Paypal, and shipping charges.  Integrity Toys (IT) dolls skyrocket quickly in price when a doll is desirable.

A prime example of this are the Poppy Parker dolls from the recent IFDC Convention.   There were four dolls released and all them are fetching prices over $300 each (some going upwards of $600).   I entered the lottery for these dolls and was fortunate to win the opportunity to purchase Free Spirit at retail cost.
I'm not sure I love this doll enough to debox her.  I've had multiple offers to purchase her, but she remains here until I can make up my mind.

This line represents Poppy during the hippie scene of the 1960's - 1970's.   Three of the dolls were immediately very popular.  The fourth doll has languished behind but had the lowest edition size (350).  When photos started showing up of this doll on flickr, I couldn't resist here any more.

Here is Time of the Season Poppy Parker.   (When I look at her, I can't get the tune "Turn, Turn, Turn" by The Byrds out of my head.)
And a closeup.
The accessories are minimal; however, there were two new hand molds.  One is a "peace" sign and the other is the sign language symbol for "love".  The shoes are amazing but difficult to put on over the hose.
Although I like the ensemble (it is very spot-on to the time period), I think the doll is overwhelmed by the print, fringed gilet, headband, and red fishnet hose.  (NOTE:  get this doll out of those hose immediately - most have already stained legs and feet.)
This doll only comes alive when she comes out of the ensemble.
Those big brown yes!  Soft colors for her face.  Pale blonde hair.  What's not to love!  Yes, I paid secondary market price, but she was released immediately from the box and is being enjoyed.  She jumped right to the very top of my favorite versions of the Poppy Parker mold, so I know there will be hours and hours of redress enjoyment.