Sunday, November 11, 2018

Walking On Gold Adele Makeda - #14 of 2018

Unfortunately it's not easy for teachers to take several days off from work to attend a doll convention.   I do, however, love watching from the sidelines.

When Integrity Toys (IT) released the theme for the 2018 convention, I felt badly that I couldn't attend.   The theme was "Luxe Life".  My mind reeled as I made the connection to the 2009 Iconic Convention Vanessa Perrin by the same name.   The dolls from the Iconic convention all represent grails.  I imagined luxury fabrics, jewels, furs, evening gowns, etc.

Jason Wu announced at the convention that he used 1980's Christian Lacroix for his inspiration.  Having lived in the 1980's "luxe" is not the word that comes to mind.   Yes, we had Dynasty, big shoulder pads, and animal prints.  But we also had parachute pants, over-sized denim jackets, and aerobic/workout clothes.

Even though there was a lot about the dolls of this convention that I couldn't appreciate, there were elements that I really liked.

The centerpiece doll for the Welcome Dinner was Walking on Gold Adele Makeda.  This version has the 2.0 mold, which is one of my very favorites.  Here is a full length photo in the box.
And a closeup.

She is wearing a gold long sleeve textured blouse with peplum.  There is a plum colored velvet bubble skirt.  Thigh high gold boots with plum colored laces finish the look.
The jewelry is gorgeous!  I really do like this doll's faceup.  The hair is simple, but the hairline is rooted beautifully.   Her skin tone is the new "sun kissed" color.  
This doll's ensemble was based on a 1988 Christian Lacroix design.  I really prefer the original version to the production doll.  
Although I prefer the original design, the gold blouse has potential when paired with other items.  The white skirt is from the 2006 convention and the black velvet pants belonged to 24k Erin.
I stole the idea of pairing Walking On Gold Adele Makeda with Love of Luxe Veronique's pink dress.  I added the Fame & Fortune Vanessa Perrin's jewelry.
I am in love with how Walking On Gold looks.  I think she is just about perfect.  I believe Walking on Gold Adele Makeda will be in my collection for a very long time! The hair is simple but very easy to maintain.  It is clean and soft.  The lips are a beautiful color.  The eye screening is awesome.  In my opinion, Walking On Gold was one of the best dolls from the Luxe Life Convention.  I don't understand why she isn't more popular and demanding a higher price.   I was fortunate enough to get her at almost her original retail cost.