Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wrapping Up

Somehow, it seems we almost skipped autumn and moved right into winter.  Here in the south, we've been seeing freezing temperatures several days in a row.  Not only was I forced to bring out my sweaters, I decided to do some redressing.

Since the IT Convention is now only a memory, we've seen almost everything that will be released in 2014.  It starts me looking to the end of year when everyone will be doing their "Best of …" lists.  I decided to take out some of my favorites from 2013.

I was excited to see Vanessa represented at the Integrity Convention with two molds:  1.0 and 3.0.  However, I still think mold 2.0 is gorgeous in its own right.   One of my favorites from last year was Funny Face Let's Kiss and Make Up Jo Stockton using the Vanessa mold 2.0.  This doll was on a Poppy Parker body with jointed ankles.  I like that she can wear many of the older clothing pieces.
The pants are Randall Craig and the blouse belongs to Barefoot in the Park Corie Brater.
I think IT does knitwear quite well and wish they would release more of it.   Overall, I think we have too few ensembles from IT that are geared more toward cold weather.   Although the sleeves are not full length, I really love the sweater from Graphic Language.  Here is another favorite from last year, Hard Metal Lilith, modeling it.
Since I got out the Graphic Language sweater, I decided to try the Shock Bon Bon one on a FR2 doll.  It's hard to believe I've had Nightfall Agnes for over a year and have never redressed her.  I was surprised to find a pair of pants I sewed actually fit her!
I made these pants using a pattern from a doll magazine. Nightfall is a gorgeous doll.  I need to photograph her more.
Finally, I took out a tried and true favorite.  KiKi is one of my very favorite IT dolls ever produced but is often neglected for newer releases.   Here she is in a Randall Craig ensemble.  Paint in Black Colette looks good in everything.
I really need to spend more time with some of my earlier favorites.   They may be older, but they don't get much better.