Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love The One - Kyori Sato

This is was the upgrade Fashion Royalty doll that one could choose when joining the W Club this year.   Apparently, several members believed she was worthy of purchase as her edition size is 765.  I was very reluctant about adding her to my collection.  But, if anything, the past has shown me that it is better to be safe than sorry because a nice FR doll always sells for much more than retail.

Here is a photo of Love the One - Full length in the box.
And a close-up of the face.  I believe I got a good face-up as I don't see any wonky eye here.
This is a photo of her right out of the box.  
I'm not sure of this caplet thing.  I'm not sure if the pink is just too pink or the general construction is off - something is just not right.  So, "off with the caplet"!
Much better don't you agree?
She came with some very nice accessories.  I really do like the little pillbox hat with netting.
There was another set of hands, white leather-like gloves, well-made shoes, a purse, a very nice bracelet, and a pair of stud earrings.
Those shoes are actually quite nice!  Unfortunately due to the tighness of the dress's skirt, she cannot stand on her own.
I love the attention given to the construction of the dress.  There are these two wonderful pleats at the bottom back.  One on each side.  Here is a full length from behind.
I decided that, without the caplet, she needed an upgrade pair of earrings.  Much better?
And maybe a nice black fur?
Now, we're on to something.
She seems to have a sad expression.

I also created an animoto video for my review.  But, first, to answer a couple of questions.

1)  Can you control the time a photo shows up in animoto?  Most of Animoto's themes are "stock".   As you are designing, you can preview your work and manipulate it a little.  But the stock theme controls the duration of the photo on screen.  You do have control over the panels for photos, text, or videos.   You can put them in the order you want.  You can "spotlight" photos.  I haven't purchased the "Pro" version membership, so you may have more control over everything if you are using the upgrade.

2)  How did you get the music in the video?  Animoto has a selection of songs for the basic "free" version, but you can actually upload your own songs with the $30 upgrade.  I have a Mac with iTunes on it.  I chose a song from my library of music and just uploaded it.  It takes about 5 minutes, but I prefer my own music.