Sunday, May 26, 2013

Victoire Goes "Borrowing"

Since it is Memorial Day Weekend, a backyard bar-b-que is a requirement, right?  So, Victoire borrowed something from Barbie ...
"I am assuming this is some sort of sick joke, right?  I bet that Chaundra is somehow responsible for this.  I will get even ...."
"How do you turn this stupid thing on?  This is the most ridiculous photo shoot I've ever been a part of ...."
"What the heck is this thing?  I've never seen anything like it ... what am I supposed to use it for?  Apple pie?  You can't be serious!"
"I've never seen a hand mirror like this before ... You can hardly see yourself in it.  Useless!  Completely useless!"
"Okay, finally something I know how to use ... you better take me back to Barbie's closet or you'll see how handy I am with it!"

Without hesitation, I decided to take Victoire back to Barbie's closet.  First, she selected a very cute little red jumper and then picked out two things to help her have a wonderful Memorial Day meal ....
"Hello gentlemen ... how would you like to take a lady to lunch?"
"Now, this is the appropriate ensemble for Memorial Day ..."
"The next time you decide to raid Barbie's closet, don't forget to take me along.  You obviously haven't a clue how to do it correctly!  Amateurs!"
Ken 1:  "This wasn't what I had in mind.   How did this happen?"

Ken 2:  "I've no idea ... but you've got to love how that doll moves!"

Ken 1:  "Yeah ... articulation is really something else."