Friday, November 25, 2011

Right Place/Right Time

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the nude Urban Geisha I purchased with a yellowed body (see Nov. 4 post).  Fortunately, the seller was awesome and refunded me the full price including my shipping fee.  I contacted the seller of the other doll, and she hadn't re-listed it yet.  So I was able to get my Urban Geisha in pristine condition for about the same price. (Sorry, I should have taken a photo of her NRFB.)

The robe this doll is wearing is excellent!  Look at the back of it.  My goal is to give her a NuFace body.

The Friday before Thanksgiving was very difficult for me because I used to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom.  I came home very upset and crying; I immediately sought retail therapy through e-bay and found an auction with a great BIN price.  The seller described the doll wearing a "Tagged Original Swimsuit with Funky Blue HatSuit needs some TLC, hem is loosening at legs and the seam between top and bottoms has separated about 1" on her left side." 

She arrived the day before Thanksgiving (she is my Thanksgiving blessing from my Mom).  It turns out the hem wasn't loosening at the legs at all ... the swimsuit just needed trimming and cleaning; it is correctly tagged and required a very minor fix to reattach the top to the bottom. Here is the doll in her "freshened" swimsuit.  

When I opened the auction and looked at the additional photos, this is what I saw!

I immediately realized the "funky hat" with the bathing suit was the HTF one for the described "Blue Paisley Dress".  Here she is wearing the complete, mint Outdoor Art Show (#1650).

I was so pleased with this outfit.  It needed no "freshening" at all.  It is almost perfect.

The auction description is included in quotation marks:  "Tagged Blue Sleeveless Dress with Matching Hat. 1/4" loosening of the seam of right sleeve area."  The blue dress is Reception Line (#1654) and is in played in condition.  It needs washing and a small area of the arm hole resewn.  It is missing the shoes, but the hat is perfect! 

"Tagged Orange & White Skate Outfit with Matching Hat & Stockings. Missing One Mitten. Plus Ice Skates!"  It's actually a deep pink Skate Mates #1793 in almost perfect condition.

"Tagged Orange Coat with Matching Hat and Boots."  - a mint Fiery Felt #1789.

"Tagged Mod Style Paisley Sleeveless Pant Suit."  - a mint Patio Party palazzo pants #1692.  The hostess dress was thoroughly enjoyed by the orginal owner and may need more work than I can provide.  (It was one of the outfits that the seller listed as "homemade").

"Tagged Red Rain Coat with Matching Purse and Heels." - Fashion Shiner #1691.  It is missing the gloves.  The Fashion Shiner dress is another one that the seller thought was "homemade".  It came with perfect red closed-toe, correctly marked pumps. 

The last "homemade piece" was Floating Gardens #1696.  It is in used condition as well and is missing everything that goes with it. 
Here is I Love How You Love Me Poppy wearing the skirt, blouse, tie, and hose from Simply Simpatico Giftset.  Got this for $29.  The shoes are from Old is New Giselle. 
When the newest Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Night Out FR2 doll came out, I knew she reminded me of someone.

I think she looks like Rebecca Romijn.

Many collectors believe the FR2 dolls are very masculine looking.  I think that is funny since Rebecca Romijn played a transgender female on Ugly Betty.