Sunday, April 9, 2017

LLL Agnes Von Weiss, Take 2 (Literally)

I apologize for the lengthy delay in posts.  I took 32 gifted children on a three-day field trip in the middle of March.  It was a wonderful experience for these children, many of them being from lower socio-economic homes.  We went to Jekyll Island, GA.  Some of them had never seen the ocean before and it was an experience I loved sharing with them.  Now, we are gearing up for our End Of Year standardized tests.  I also just found out that my dear friend and partner in crime is retiring at the end of this academic year.  To me she is irreplaceable.

So ... in early February I reviewed Love, Life and Lace Agnes Von Weiss.  If you go to the next page you can find it, or just click on this link: LLL Agnes Von Weiss Review.  I have been waiting patiently for the replacement head to arrive.  I do believe it was EXTREMELY KIND of Integrity Toys to let me keep the original since I purchased it directly from The W Club.  (Another perk of being a member!)

My replacement head arrived last week, I promptly pulled out the heating pad.  Here is a closeup photo of the two versions.
The original head actually matches the FR tall body porcelain skin tone.  (This body is from Follow The Line Kesenia.)  As you can see, the replacement head is a very good match to the original body which was a cream skin tone.  Both heads have great hair and an awesome screening.  The depth of color on the replacement is much deeper to accommodate the skin tone, whereas the original head seems more ethereal to me.

Here is a full length comparison.
When I contacted Patient Care about the lace on my dress being cut too high for the hem of the dress, I was told "The lace stretches a lot.  Pull it down and see if it stays. If there is still a problem, take a picture and send it to us."  I though to myself, "What hogwash!"  But it actually does stretch A LOT.  It's not perfect because when you pull it down, it slowly rides back up.  I find myself pulling it down often.  Maybe over time, it will give a little and be alright.

This reminds me of those older, larger ladies at church who wear polyester dresses in the summer.  Every time they get up to sing, their dress rides up and they have to pull it down.

When we were little, we used to beg our parents to let us sit with friends at church.  (Just sitting anywhere except with our parents was an exciting change!)  At church one Sunday, we were all getting up to sing and the lady in front of my sister turned around and smacked her.  When we got up to sing again, the lady smacked her again!  After church, my Mom asked my sister why the lady smacked her?  My sister replied, "When she got up, her dress was in her crack, so I pulled it out for her."

"Why did she smack the second time?" My mother asked.

"She was so upset about me pulling it out that I put it back!"

I know ... old joke ... but I couldn't resist.

So to close this out, and, since this IS a doll review blog, here are close up photos of the two dolls separately.

First up is the replacement head on the original body.  I actually like this gown so much that I plan to continue displaying her in it for now.
And next is the original porcelain skin tone head wearing My Precious Luxury Wear from 2005.  I thought I would start a set of photos of my dolls wearing some of my favorite IT lingerie.

Even though these are the exact same screenings and hair, the skin tone makes enough difference that I plan to keep both in my collection.  I will have one version that can wear all of the original clothing and one for the FR2 couture!