Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Mist

I read the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan with my gifted third graders.  If you are unfamiliar with this series (there has been a rather bad movie made from the first book), it is about Greek mythology in modern times. 

But how does this relate to a doll blog?  Well, the author knew that he was writing for students of the technology age, children who are not easily fooled.  How can you explain weird mythological occurences happening in a world where everything must have a reasonable explanation?  He came up with "mist".  As it turns out, "mist" surrounds regular humans and blinds us to things extraordinary.  It helps our minds make sense of things that are not rational.

It is my personal belief that "mist" surrounds the collecting community - no more so than at conventions.  Collectors become dewey eyed and giddy with excitement.  They are so overwhelmed and caught up in the moment, the surrounding mist keeps them from readily seeing problems or mistakes.

The mist wasn't strong enough on Saturday night in my hotel room.  As soon as I got back, I checked my dolls from the banquet.  Both my Imogen dolls had one eye bigger than the other.  I wanted to go down to the sales room and try to trade them out but the crowd was incredible, I was tired, and I needed rest. 

The first one was more obvious than the second.  (The glare from the light didn't help matters any!)  A new owner is enjoying this doll now.  Most of the photographs I have seen of Imogen show similar issues.  I am very surprised more hasn't been said about that.  Maybe the mist is working.
Unfortunately, once I know there is a problem I can't get past it.  The second doll had a problem with its right iris.  I was fortunate that my table hostess was Veronica Hage.  When I asked her about it, she said that she had the same problem and was planning to correct it.  I had her correct mine as well.
Now, she is perfect.  She is one of the most sensual dolls I believe IT has ever produced.  She is my favorite NuFace girl ever.
While she was working on Imogen, I turned my attention to another favorite, Hot Dots Poppy.  My previous post was all about this doll.  Once placed on a Dynamite Girl body, I found her irrestible.
I decided to continue playing with my Color Infusion ensembles.  Here is Model A wearing Ensemble 2. I had two of this ensemble.  I had one for sale and a potential buyer asked me to photograph a doll wearing this outfit. 
Here is a warning:  If you unzip the military vest on Ensemble 2, make sure you are very careful.  The bottom of the zipper frayed off the first time I unzipped mine.  I can no longer get it to re-zip and have notifed IT Patient Care. 

I knew that the male Ensemble 5 was destined for my DG Cruz who I call "Lambert" after Adam Lambert.  He looks perfect in it.
Since everyone was experiencing Eugenia-mani, I thought I would take her out next.  Imagine my surprise when I found that her right eye was missing its eyelash.  It must have come off when wet because there appears to be spots around the eye.  Her hairline is also rooted with a "skipped" stitch over the left eye.
This makes me very sad because she has extraordinary hair and faceup otherwise.  I now have claim #2 in Patient Care.
I guess the "mist" has lifted.