Saturday, August 30, 2014

Excuses … Excuses

School started back this month and it has been a very difficult year already.  Common Core and all the student testing, paperwork, and new materials is crazy.   I apologize that I've not posted recently, but I'm worn out!

One item that I've been looking forward to adding to my collection arrived since my last post: the FR2 Shoe Collection.  It was packaged nicely.
There were four clear plastic boxes of shoes.  There was a coral pair (that will look great with Peak Season Kyori's outfit!), a faux snake skin pair, a pair of suede looking boots, and a black pair.  My favorite are the boots!
I decided I would take a doll out to redress.   Everyone is eagerly awaiting the new Elise Jolie, but I didn't order her.  I was afraid I would be disappointed after purchasing Montaigne Market this spring.  Montaigne Market is one of my favorite FR2 released so far.  She is amazing.  I wanted to redress her in an ensemble that would allow me to use a new pairs of shoes (chanting like students …"boots" … "boots" … "boots").  I couldn't find an ensemble I was happy with to use the boots, but I was very excited when I realized the beige lace top from the Paint In Black gift set fit the FR2 body!   I tried several skirts, but finally just went and took out the shorts that came with gift set.  I figured they wouldn't close in the back, but they DID!
Here is a better photo.
And a closeup without the cap.
Here is a closeup of the shoes.  I guess you already realized she can stand on her own in these shoes!  How cool is that?!
I like that Integrity added the little zipper in the back.  Unfortunately, the ties won't stay tied.  So, I thought I would share a little trick with everyone who may suffer from arthritis like I do.  You should own a bottle of Aleene's Fabric Glue.  If you don't, go buy one!  It's good for many projects.
After almost an hour of painstaking, aggravated cussing and finally getting the shoes tied, I take a little dab of glue and put it in the middle of the ties.
The glue dries clear, so it won't be noticeable.  It will keep the ties from coming undone!  That's my little trick for the month!