Sunday, February 3, 2019

Another Refining Moment ...

It's beginning to seem more and more difficult trying to organize my doll collection into something I feel I am controlling.  

There are several dolls waiting in a holding pattern like the jets at the Atlanta airport during an ice storm.  I recently found an auction on e-bay for three Light Honey replacement bodies for about $30 each.  I jumped on the offer.   

I had robbed poor Electric Enthusiasm Dominique Makeda of her body a couple years ago and was waiting for the proper motivation to give it to Oomph Ayumi Nakamura.  The purchase of the additional bodies at a great price allowed Dominique to get her body back!  She is wearing the Randall Craig ensemble, "I Get A Kick Out of You".
So, with a new body Oomph Ayumi Nakamura starting feeling her wild oats.   Here she is wearing Metamorphosis Erin's jean shorts and white blouse.
Now to determine if they are different enough for both of them to stay in my collection.  SIGH!  Besides the fact that I have two bodies left and shelves full of dolls to consider.  The organization needs seem to never end around here.