Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 28

This brings me to my favorite Fashion Royalty doll of all time.   This was "the doll" that solidified my collecting IT products.  I started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls in 2004 just before my divorce and had to sell off much of my collection when I moved.   I was able to acquire this doll at retail from BIC as it was an exclusive.  She is Ginza Kyori Sato (blonde).
Up to the point of her purchase, I had never spent more than $150 for any collectible doll in my life.   When I saw this doll's promo, I was a goner.  This doll has been my avatar on yahoo for almost 10 years.  Ginza Kyori represents beauty and elegance to me.   She is so exotic.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 29

Integrity Toys had created a Platinum and a Raven version of A Fashionable Life Vanessa.  Being two of the most popular Fashion Royalty dolls ever produced, it was only a matter of time before we got a redhead (even though it took five years)!

In 2010, IT brought us our first "re-edition" with Flame Blue Vanessa Perrin.  She was released in an edition size of 300 (same as AFL Raven) and cost $150.  IT wanted to show collectors the value of being a W Club member, so Flame Blue Vanessa was offered through a lottery to the members of the club.
My best doll friend Reese was just getting into Fashion Royalty products and was not into "formal" looking dolls.  I begged her to enter the lottery for me so I would have more than one chance to win.  Unfortunately, luck wasn't with me; however, Reese's number was drawn.  I was elated.   Flame Blue Vanessa Perrin rounds out the AFL dolls - not twins, but triplets!
I love this Vanessa.  When IT does a re-edition, they really get it right!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 30

WOW, this summer is rushing past at lightning speed.  I've already started the last half.    But, hey, let's wax optimistic and say we still have 30 days to go!

You can't spotlight A Fashionable Life Raven Vanessa and not give equal love for A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin.  This doll was the most difficult for me to find at a price I could afford.  It took me many years to add her to my collection.  She was released in 2005 just like her sister.  Her retail was $250 and her edition size was only 200.   She was a direct purchase from Integrity Toys.
You can see she is the twin to the raven version.  A Fashionable Life Platinum shares a central location in my collection with her sister.
That face up and hair are sheer perfection.
A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin just doesn't know how to take a bad photo.  (Although I can!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RED ALERT! Second W Club Exclusive is Fifth Anniversary Poppy Parker!

W Club members received an incredible announcement his week.  The second 2014 W Club Exclusive will be Joyous Celebration:  The Official Fifth Anniversary Poppy Parker Doll.
The announcement was to be kept secret until noon today, when W Club members could share the information officially.   The wording is directly from the announcement:
"For five amazing years already, Poppy Parker has grown to become perhaps one of the fastest growing and most beloved brands on today's collectible market! With her adorable pout, her fashionably groovy wardrobe and her overall "joie de vivre", Poppy Parker has officially stolen the hearts of the masses and the W Club could not be more happy to bring you the first official souvenir doll created to celebrate this pivotal moment in any collectible line's history: the five year mark!

Join Integrity Toys as we celebrate a joyous five years with our favorite 60's teenage model, Poppy Parker!

The Fifth Anniversary Poppy doll wears a beautiful gold and cream brocade gown with pink multi-tiered tulle underskirt, long white opera gloves, pink and gold jewelry, pink satin shoes and matching clutch bag. Her dark brunette hair is swept up in an elegant braided bun. It is the perfect look for our Joyous Celebration! Poppy Parker is a 12-inch fully articulated vinyl doll with a rooted hairstyle."

The photos are the property of Integrity Toys and are only used for informational purposes only!

The ensemble has a strong resemblance to a very rare and difficult to find Vintage Mattel ensemble.  It was a Japanese Exclusive Francie gown.  Here is the photo from "Barbie Fashion: The complete history of the wardrobes of Barbie doll, her friends and her family, Vol. I, 19599-1967", page 245.  The author of the book is Sarah Sink Eames.  It was published in 1990 and the ISBN number is 0-89145-418-7

Love the entire concept and presentation.  She is using the Bergdorf Goodman Screening which collectors have been begging for a re-edition.   This will probably be closest they get!  
Even though I say that I don't collect Poppy Parker, I've already put down my deposit and this one will be joining the other 15 who currently reside here!

Summer Vacation Day 31

The next doll was referred to as my "nemesis" for several years.  I could never afford her, yet she was the number one doll on my grail list.  After I got married, my husband purchased her for me as a birthday gift.   She is the "classic Fashion Royalty doll" - one that continues to represent the best of Integrity Toys.   She is A Fashionable Life Vanessa Perrin.  She is from 2005 and was an exclusive to F.A.O. Schwartz.   She cost $250 and there were only 300 in her edition size.
A Fashionable Life Vanessa is wearing the Mattel "Boater Ensemble" from last year.  I think Mattel's silkstone line was phenomenal in 2012 - 2013.   I don't mind putting my Fashion Royalty dolls in these clothes at all!  She is wearing Poppy Parker's white gloved hands.  I am such a sucker for this doll.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 32

In my opinion, the next doll is one of the most beautiful dolls produced by Integrity Toys in the past five years.   She is also one of the most elusive.   In 2010, Integrity Toys did something really nice for the collectors who took on leadership roles at the conventions.  If you had been a table host or taught at a workshop, you received a gift from IT - a "helper" doll which was one of the dolls from the convention with a different hair treatment.   They did this for three years.   "Helper" dolls could not be purchased and were released in very small edition sizes of less than 100.

The next doll is from the 2011 Convention, Point of Departure Eugenia Helper Doll.  Only 75 of her produced, and I feel very fortunate to own her.
Point of Departure Eugenia Helper is wearing the Mattel Silkstone Cocktail Ensemble from last year.  As beautiful as she is redressed, her face and her hair is what makes me swoon.   Such elegance!
That strawberry red hair is perfection with this face up.  She is one of my very favorite dolls in my collection.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 33

First, I am going to respond to a couple comments I've received.  One follower requested the name of the repaint artist who corrected the eyes recently on some of my dolls.  I wasn't trying to withhold this information selfishly; I've been asked by this artist not to share their name at present because they have been under the weather with health issues.  I promise to share this when the artist feels better and is ready to take on commissions.

Another follower asked how to keep up with the release of Fashion Royalty dolls.  There are several ways.

1.  Integrity Toys has a Facebook page that collectors can join.  They share quite a bit of information there.  You can like them and will receive notices directly from IT.  The link to their Facebook page is:
Integrity Toys Facebook Page

2.  Integrity Toys also has a W Club for collectors.  Collectors pay for a membership in December/ January and have access to a lot of information.  There are webinairs, e-mails, etc.  A lot of bloggers post the dates when they become available.

3.  Many collectors also share this information on doll forums.  Personally, I participate on Doll Divas Message Board.  Here is the link:
Doll Divas Collecting Forum

4.  Another great way is to do is develop a relationship with one of the retailers.  Here is the link to the list of Integrity retailers:
Fashion Royalty Stores

5.  Finally, there are some wonderful blogs out there.  Most are much better than mine.   I considered listing blogs that I follow, but I was afraid I might hurt someone's feelings through omission of their link.  It wouldn't be intentional, so I chose not to list them.

Now, let's get down to business …. The next doll does not represent a face up change, but a re-root of her hair.  I purchased this doll with this change already finished.  I had been watching for her for many years, but I've never been able to afford her on the secondary market.   She was recently offered with the rerooted hair at a fair price.   She is High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss.
I have been trying to space out dolls of the same character/mold, but it couldn't be avoided this time.  She is the only complete re-root in my collection.   High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss is from the 2008 Australian Convention "Dolls in Oz".   Her edition size was 300 and she sold for $200.
I have her wearing the Silkstone Muffie Roberts ensemble.    I think High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss has some of the most beautiful steel gray eyes.  Those "thatched" eyebrows and pale lips don't hurt her face up any either!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 34

When I sent Touch of Frost Eugenia and The Royal Weiss Agnes off for a "refresh", I decided to include another doll.  This is a doll that was produced with many problems but continues to be on many grail lists regardless.

I remember when the 2006 Miami line was advertised, everyone wanted Glow Vanessa Perrin.  Some dealers sold Glow through a lottery for those collectors who purchased the entire line.  I remember getting the phone call from my dealer that I was selected.  I was so excited.

Unfortunately, Glow was one of the dolls I had to sell to help fund my move after a divorce.  It seems Integrity Toys was going through a quality control problem during the production of these dolls.   Glow Vanessa Perrin had a problem with having a "five head" and wonky eyes - it took me several years to find a good replacement of her NRFB.  Glow has always been a favorite with me, but she remained NRFB until I got up the nerve to have her eyes corrected.  (Here is a photo of her original presentation)
This poor girl's left eye looks like a marble rolling around in a jar!   The artist asked me, "What would be your perfect Glow Vanessa?"   I described exactly what it would be, but I didn't get my hopes up because I understand the limitations of working with the original face up.  I told her I would love this doll to have forward glancing eyes.  I wanted her eyes to be similar to factory but with more depth.
I couldn't believe it when I opened the package that was returned to me.  The artist accomplished my vision for Glow Vanessa Perrin.  I gave Glow Vanessa a new body from 2013's Polished Korinne, so she has a "matte" finish and handspeak system.  To me, she is just about as perfect as I could have ever hoped for.
It has been so hot, Vanessa decided she needed to go to the beach to keep that gorgeous tan.
And she had to bring her little puppy, "Skipper", along.