Thursday, June 4, 2020

Lady Aurelia Grey - #11, #12, and #13 of 2020

On March 26, I blogged about the #7 doll added to my collection in 2020, Late Night Dream Victoire Roux.  Link: Late Night Dream Victoire Roux (mold 2.0)

I was extremely impressed with the faces of the 2020 East 59th Street mini-collection and was a little regretful that I had not ordered Mid Day Venture Aurelia Grey.  When the dolls were previewed to the W Club, I held firm to only choosing one.  However, I loved the clothing and accessories and planned to pick some of those up on secondary market. When you are trying to manage your collection, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

But everyone knows how difficult it can be to resist a good sale!  I had been sent an e-bay coupon code and someone was selling her on e-bay for an excellent price NRFB.   You know where this is going ...

#11 of 2020 in my collection is Mid Day Venture Aurelia Grey.  Here is an "In Real Life" (IRL) photo of her in her box:
And a closeup in the box.
According to designer Chris Stoekel, he designed this group of dolls with wardrobes that could be mixed together and allow for many design combinations.   The dolls included a lot of nice accessories.  Here is what you got with Mid Day Venture.  (Photo by Integrity Toys/IT)
After Mid Day Venture arrived, I really started appreciating her beauty.  I decided that maybe I had misjudged this mold.  Opera on the 5th Aurelia Grey was the only East 59th Street Lady from 2019 to not make it to my home.  What harm could it do to check some dealer websites and see if she is still available NRFB?  

Imagine my surprise to find a dealer selling this doll for almost 30% off retail price.  I have already established the fact that I have trouble passing up a good deal.  Into my cart it went!

Opera on the 5th Aurelia Grey became #12 of my dolls added in 2020.  Here is a full length photo.
And a closeup.
Now that is a gorgeous face!   I couldn't believe how beautiful I thought this doll was.  I loved her so much, I couldn't help but wonder what she would like on a FR2 body.  So I was able to purchase a head on e-bay for $30.  I already had an extra FR2 Light Honey body.   At the FR Fashion Week Convention, I purchased a Paintbox Designs dress at the Bazaar on Friday night.   It was still in its package, waiting for the right model.  

#13 of 2020 is Opera on the 5th Aurelia Grey (FR2).  I pulled her hair back for a more polished look.
I believe there is more potential to this mold than expected!  I don't regret adding these three to my collection at all!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Getting De-Railed Early In The Game ...

My birthday is always at the very end of the academic school year, May 23.   Our wedding anniversary shortly follows on June 5.   Had I thought ahead, I would've separated them more because my husband often gives me a "twofer" gift.  

This year's twofer was a gift that just keeps on giving.  I had been complaining that I missed having a pet in the home.   Enter this little hellion ...

Yes, she is a West Highland White Terror (I mean Terrier).   She has two speeds and they are like an On/Off button -100 mph or completely out.  She is stubborn, opinionated, active, loud, and out of control.  She's stolen my heart.

I started a separate blog just for her.  It's called "The Harleigh Diaries".   Here is the link The Harleigh Diaries - Owning a West Highland White Puppy.