Monday, January 16, 2012

First of 2012

First, I should say that it was very liberating to start with a clean slate.  Let's see how this year goes!
I enjoy my dolls.  I have all my life.  Sometimes the joy comes from simply gazing at their perfect presentation in a Never Removed From Box environment.  Sometimes it is from redressing, styling, and photographing them.  One of the very best presented dolls in my opinion is Born to Gamble Kyori from the 2005 IFDC. 

Even though a doll's faceup and hair are my most considered points when purchasing a doll, the outfit and accessories cannot be denied.  Just look at the wonderful accesories that came with BTG.

Her very own deck of playing cards, a cigarette holder, a cocktail glass, and even a bottle of Karen Walker whiskey.  I've always considered this doll my Karen Walker doll.  Even with such superb accesories and dress, the hair and faceup is what is truly extraordinary.

The shoes are so nice, I even had to devote a photo to them.

The packaging for Fashion Royalty has changed considerably over the years.  I believe this is the second generation package.  It comes with a shipper that was white, instead of brown.

The box inside the shipper looks like this (NOTE:  This was signed by Jason.  Now, that he is becoming increasingly popular, the box may even have value.).

I owned BTG for many years but left her in the package.  I decided that with the arrival of the replacement bodies, that she deserved to be put on a taller body and given a permanent spot in my collection.  Here she is.

CoCo Chanel always said, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."  I should haved heeded that advice and removed that necklace!
With the receipt of my replacement doll bodies, I have the opportunity to change many of my dolls.  In addition, I was able to purchase the head of a doll that was recently released by Integrity, Forever Veronique.  She reminds me a great deal of the 2006 Table Centerpiece Lights, Cameras, Royal Blonde from the Integrity Convention.  That doll is one that has always been one of my favorites.
This doll was created using the FR2 body and was wearing an evening ensemble.  She cost $175.  I found just the head for $60 shipped and put it on one of my $35 bodies.  I love her now.  

She is wearing a Randall Craig ensemble with the FR purse. 
I have been playing with my Vintage Barbie more and more.  I recently found the complete and almost mint Drum Majorette outfit for 1964.  It cost all of $32.  It looks great on my American Girl.  I photoshopped her photo to make it more lifelike. 
I was at Target recently and found the 003 Collection of Barbie basics in swimsuits.  I have grown very fond of Model 04.   The blue jeans version with red hair has a permanent spot in my collection and has been given the name Carli.  I thought it would be great to get the blonde and have twins. 
I think this is a very beautiful Barbie.

She looks even better out of the box.

She got a new body and is now articulated.  I have named her Charli.

I am loving her!  Mattel does get it right sometimes.