Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Things Are Beginning To Turn Around

Both in my collecting world and in my professional life.  I have taught at the same school for 12 years, and have been driving over 45 minutes one way each day.  I found a great job 7 miles from my home - still teaching gifted children.  I've had to move everything into my garage until I can get into my new school, but I'm ecstatic.

I got out my paints, magnifying glasses, and brushes and decided to correct Erin's eyelid myself.  I sealed it this morning.  I am no professional, but I know I can live with it.
She looks great in the Belk Barbie dress from a couple years ago.  It's very warm (downright HOT) here in the south, so I thought she needed something comfortable to wear.  I'm still having trouble bonding with this doll.  The hair color on the replacement head is better.  I think the eyes are more balanced in eyeshadow and crease definition.  But that forehead is just too high.  I believe Integrity Toys suffers from the Goldilocks syndrome.  In the promotion photo, collectors complained the forehead was too low - not it's too high.  IT needs to stay away from extremes.
The twins arrived!  I can honestly say their face ups are much better than the promotional photos.   I'm still not sure about the hair, and I don't want to spend any more money on re-rooting them.  (Has anyone noticed the absence of the painted lower lashes on all the NuFace dolls?)

Here is Eden:

And her sister Lilith:
I haven't decided whether or not to keep this duo.  Partly because I already own versions I like better.  Hard Metal is my favorite Lilith of all time.
And even though The Great Pretender is considered Lilith, she has blonde hair and is more like Eden.
And I adore Sweet Nothings Gretel.
The replacement skirt for Up All Night finally arrived!  It's perfect.
According to IT, this is a Lillith doll also.  And I like this doll more than Never Ordinary.
On a final note, my followers may have noticed I've been selling several of my older dolls.  This allowed me to get High Frequency Kumi on secondary market.  Ouch!
I hope to do a formal review soon when she gets released and redressed.  This is one beautiful version of the Eden/Lilith mold!  Things are definitely headed in the right direction!