Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Therapeutic Shopping ...

I have been really bummed recently.  So has my best doll friend.  We had originally intended to go the Fashion Royalty Convention this year.  It would have been the first time for both of us.

Unfortunately, the experts at Integrity Toys didn't take into consideration that Monday, October 10 was Columbus Day (nor did they consider that Saturday October 8 was Yom Kippur).   I teach school and our system has a rule:  If you take the day off before or after a holiday, you do not get paid for the holiday or the day you take off.   You must take the days without pay.  It's a terrible rule.  BUT ... had I gone to Convention, I would have lost three whole days' pay ... over $450 in addition to the $350 registration, $250 plane cost, $400+ hotel expenses, $900+ dollie expenses.  Add to this the fact that you don't even know what the dolls look like and that "pig in a poke" gets pretty darned expensive.

So, we passed.  Then everyone on the WClub starts celebrating all of the news about the convention.  I am very happy for them.  But it really depressed me.  What can I say, I guess I am a pretty selfish doll collector.

Today I went with my husband to the Chiropractor.  He asked if there were anywhere I wanted to stop on the the way home.  Naturally, I felt that a little therapeutic shopping was called for!  I asked if we could stop at Tuesday Morning.   I had seen the "Discover the World Barbie Fashions" on the doll boards recently.  I hoped to find some.

They had one that really interested me.  It was from Turkey and was all of $2.99.  (I also found a Hestia doll at Tuesday Morning but she and her outfit will be the subject of a different blog.)    So, I decided that I needed a new character in my collection.  The daughter of a wealthy Turkish importer.  

It is a lovely yellow chiffon outfit.  It has harem pants gathered at the ankles and a waist embellishment.  The long coat has puffed sleeves and a band of gold embroidery down the front.  It is fastened with a gold button.  The veil is very long and hangs from the headband with a huge jewel.  The outfit did not have any jewelry or shoes; however, it came with a little travel book with A LOT of details about Turkey.  It seems there are 20 or so of these packets produced.  They were done in 2002 and sold in England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.   I don't understand why these weren't available in the U.S.  Do the little girls in the U.S. not appreciate Social Studies?  They also had one from California, Greece, and Canada.  I only purchased the one from Turkey.

So ... who is this mysterious girl?

Now that I had a really cool outfit and character in mind, I needed a doll.   I stopped at Toys R Us and found the So In Style Grace for less than $5.  I got her home and put her on a Dynamite Girls body.  So ... the Turkish heiress quickly changes clothes to conceal her true identity and do some exploring in America. 

We'll see where her adventures take her and maybe find out her name in a future blog.