Sunday, April 11, 2021

Organization - Cabinet 1 Shelf 1

I have received comments from followers that they would like to see my collection and cabinets.  Unfortunately, I don't think anyone would be very impressed because I had been keeping my dolls, nude, in two bookcases. 

My dear sweet husband gave me a couple detolf cabinets for Valentine's Day.   He reasoned that the cabinets would help me organize my collection and get it under control.  Bless his heart!

So, I decided to start at the beginning.  

I pulled all of my older dolls out first.  It turns out I have 10 dolls from 2004 - 2005 that have been rebodied to taller bodies.   When possible, I decided to dress the dolls in their original ensembles.  (When a doll can no longer wear their original ensemble, I put them in an ensemble pre-2006.)

They all fit nicely on one shelf!  So Cabinet #1, Shelf #1 is finished:

Back row includes ...

Sheer Goddess Veronique Perrin (2004) in her original ensemble

Born To Gamble Kyori Sato (2005) in her original ensemble

Diamond Dusted Veronique Perrin (2004) in her original ensemble

Second Row includes ...

Age of Opulence Isha Kalpana Narayanan (2005) in her original ensemble

Glam Slam Kyori Sato (2004) - She is wearing Purple Factor (2003)

Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa Perrin (2005) in her original sheath

Perfect Skin Adele Makeda (2004) - She is wearing Perfectly Suited (2002)

Front row includes ...

Ginza Blonde Kyori Sato (2005) in her original gown

A Fashionable Life Raven Vanessa Perrin (2005) in her original bustier and skirt

A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin (2005) - She is wearing Silver Society (2002)

Cabinet 1 - Shelf 1

Back Row:      

Sheer Goddess Veronique Perrin (2004) Wearing Sheer Goddess (2004)

Born To Gamble Kyori Sato (2005) Wearing Born To Gamble (2005)

Diamond Dusted Veronique Perrin (2004) Wearing Diamond Dusted (2004)

Middle Row:   

Age of Opulence Isha Narayanan Kalpana (2005) Wearing Age of Opulence (2005) 


Glam Slam Kyori Sato (2004) Wearing Purple Factor  (2003)

Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa Perrin (2005) Wearing Poesie Sans Couleur (2005)

Perfect Skin Adele Makeda (2004) Wearing Perfectly Suited (2002)

Front Row:    

Ginza Blonde Kyori Sato (2005) Wearing Ginza Gown (2005)

A Fashionable Life Raven Vanessa Perrin (2005) Wearing AFL (2005)

A Fashionable Life Platinum Vanessa Perrin (2005) Wearing Silver Society (2002)

Veronique Perrin: 2

Kyori Sato: 3

Adele Makeda: 1

Isha Kalpana Naryanan: 1

Vanessa Perrin: 3