Sunday, July 7, 2013

Once upon a midnight dreary ...

While I pondered weak and weary ...

What was I pondering?   "Just exactly how many more raven-haired Integrity dolls with red lips do I need for my collection?"

Why do I ponder this question?  Because the IFDC Convention Doll and Companion Doll were both raven-haired with red lips.

The photos of the IFDC dolls were provided by Integrity Toys in an e-mail to W Club members.  These photos are the property of Integrity Toys and are provided here for informational purposes only.  

First up, we have Glam Vamp Anja.  She is limited to 300 dolls.

I love raven-haired dolls.  This one would be no exception.  At the first Integrity reveal of 2013 this past January, we were shown the Funny Face collection.  Here is the link to my review:

In my review, there is a doll called "A Woman Who Thinks" based on the model Dovima who appears as herself in the film.  This doll instantly sold out on pre-orders.  She rarely comes up for resell.  She is a raven-haired Anja doll with red lips.

When she was released, collectors mused that they wished "she had longer hair and smoky eyes" ... fast forward .... Glam Vamp Anja.  Integrity listened and gave collectors what they wanted.  Yes, she is gorgeous, but as an owner of AWWT, I probably don't need Glam Vamp also.  If I buy Glam Vamp, I may sell AWWT.  Anyway, I tend to prefer the window's peak of AWWT.  Who am I kidding?  I've already entered the lottery for this doll!   LOL!

Next we have the companion doll, Blood Lines Tatyana.  She also is limited to 300 dolls.

The earlier Tatyana is one of the most difficult molds to find.  She was only released in three editions.  I own Fete Accompli and The Red Queen.  I wish that IT had done two things differently on this doll: she was produced in the "Japan" skin tone (should've been in porcelain) - and her hair is too poufy.  Her hair is raven with white streaks.  If I win this doll in the lottery, that water will boil!   With straight hair, she will look much closer to Lily Munster.

I definitely can see the inspiration and the "re-imagined" product.   I cannot resist the thought of adding Lily Munster to my collection because I loved watching this series as a child.  The reruns came on in the afternoon right after we got home from school.  We would have our afternoon snack in front of the television.  Wonderful memories.  NOTE:  I found someone who sold me their Blood Lines for a great price that I couldn't resist, so she is coming to live with me.  I am so excited!

I have included photos of the other raven-haired beauties who have red lips and reside in my collection (excluding my NRFB Life Ball, Magnificent, and Fascination Monograms and my NRFB FR2 dolls from last year's collection:  Nouveau Regime Tatyana and Opium Ayumi).  I have put my other displayed raven-haired dolls with red lips in order of my favorites.

#8 Flame Rouge Veronique:
#7 Most Sophisticated Poppy Parker as Sabrina:
#6 Wicked Valentine Agnes:
#5 Go West Natalia (lips not true red):
#4 Midnight Lace Gene:

#3 Glam Addict Giselle:

#2 Fine Jewel Eugenia:

#1 AFL Vanessa:

Other Raven-haired, red-lipped Integrity dolls include (please note some of these may be very dark brunette):  Red-Blooded Woman Kyori, Rare Creature Veronique, Fierce Subject Kyori, Vibrant Dimension Veronique, Intimately Acquainted Luchia, Mastermind Veronique, Addicted Luchia, Hopelessly Captivating Luchia, Deconstruction Sight Eugenia, Sweet Victory Natalia, and Ambitious Kesenia.  We also have Avenue George V Victoire, Color Infusion Style I, and Pure Erin.  The other FR2 doll from 2012 Strict Elegance Luchia, as well as the earlier release of Engaging Elise.  (Glam Vamp would actually look very good with this FR2 group!)

The last doll from the 2013 IFDC was the salesroom doll.  Her name is Dark Fable.  She is definitely a NuFantasy doll.  She looks like she would go well with the other wicked NuFantasy ladies:  Go West, Malicious, and the Red Queen.  She uses the Imogen mold and was also limited to 300.  I may  enter the lottery for this one too.  It depends on how much I sell on The Doll Page over the next couple weeks.

Had I gone to the IFDC, I know I would've been one happy camper.  I think all three of these dolls are just phenomenal.  I have my fingers crossed for adding the Anja doll to my personal collection.  They are all so impressive, I'm not sure I could even order them in preference!

As I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping
As if of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door -

Hopefully it will be the post lady bringing me a Glam Vamp Anja.  (And if I do really well, maybe even a Dark Fable Imogen!)  I guess I have a thing for those raven-haired dolls with red lips!