Monday, July 15, 2013

Late to the Fair

I had considered doing an elaborate blog entry for the "To The Fair" Poppy dolls, but all of this rain and cloudy weather is just too dreary for such an ambitious project.  When the Fair Poppies were revealed, I was off the Poppy Train, so today I begin eating my words.

I definitely was not interested in Irresistible In India.   ... That is until IRL photos started showing up of her.  I had to break a rule and buy her secondary market.  (HATE doing this.)

But she is gorgeous.  The dress is one piece and has a "faux cape" going on.
She came with some cute little gold shoes and matching purse.  She has a super nice pair of earrings and several bracelets.
When she was shown in the reveal, I told my friend Reese, "That hairstyle is too elaborate.  Either production will nail it perfectly or it will be a hot mess."  I waited patiently until I found a secondary market photo of one with perfect hair.  Here is a profile photo.
My friend Reese got an "I told you so" moment with this doll.  She is extraordinary.  She has the longest eyelashes.
Here is another closeup ....
WHAT!  .... Who?   Chaundra!
"You said Irresistible, didn't you?  There's no one more irresistible than me."

That may be true ... but I'm reviewing a Poppy.   Let's try this again.  (I apologize for the lighting - it was a cloudy day and I couldn't get the results I wanted.)

And a final closeup.  She is amazing.  WOW!  Those words taste bittersweet.