Monday, October 24, 2011


My Monaco Royale Vanessa was finally deboxed.  I took her right up to the deadline before making a decision about whether or not she stayed.

The accessories were the star of this giftset.   The necklace, earrings, bracelets, and shoes were fantastic.  I believe the bracelets don't go with the outfit, but they will be great for further redress considerations.   What you don't see in many of the photos of this dress is that the silk panel is concealing that there is a slit up the side of the dress and the dress is created in an asymetric design. I love the top half and am not so crazy about the bottom half.

Being a huge fan of the earlier Vanessa face mold, I wasn't sure that I would bond with this doll.  To me, she's a little more "cartoony" and "ordinary" than the Vanessa I love.  However, when I got her out of the box, she's a nice doll.   I LOVE her hair.  She's a little "pink" in her faceup and my doll's eyes aren't perfect, but I guess she'll stay ... at least for now.  She is doll #22.

With the Integrity Convention pushing out 39 dolls (I am including the helper doll in the count), many collectors had to make way, and cash, for their new dolls.   E-bay and the doll boards became clogged with some good deals.  I took the opportunity to pick up a couple dolls on my want list.

First up is Shock Bon Bon.  I got her nude at a GREAT price.  She has been transferred to a FR2 body and is wearing the dress from Flawless Elise (shoes from Carol Roth).

As most collectors know, this doll makes "wonky eye" a very relative term.  You have to capture her at just the right angle to get a decent photo.  Meet #23.

The last Vanessa to be added to my collection was Intoxicating Mix.  I've been waiting a very long time for this doll.  I got her NRFB for a fraction of what her sales have been in the past.

This doll's outfit leaves much to be desired.  I'm not sure what it is all about, but her faceup more than makes up for that.

Here she is relaxing after a quick change.  She is lounging in Rare Find Isha's undergarments.

And finally, she got a tall handspeak body.  She is wearing the dress from the Silkstone Giftset that came with the dressmaker dummy.  I love her in this.  It suits her coloring so well.

How could you not love this face?  She is #24.