Thursday, June 4, 2015

Randall Craig Part II

I've really enjoyed trying the different Randall Craig ensembles on FR2 dolls.   This is the second part of my findings.

1)  The pants ensembles do not fit.  They are too short and will not close in the back.  Those will stay for the regular FR/NuFace/Victoire dolls.

2)  Even though the pants do not fit, it seems the capris do!  What a pleasant surprise!  Here is Rock Me Baby Rayna feeling ready for summer.
3)  The Monogram dresses fit quite well.  This one is called "Elegant" and Fashion Explorer Vanessa Perrin is modeling.  The cummerbund skirt top does not completely close in the back.  The blouse is a nice fit.
I was fortunate to win the next ensemble in a contest on Doll Divas a couple years ago.  I think Elusive Creature Natalia looks wonderful in it.  It was a Yahoo Group Exclusive that came in several different colors.  I don't know what it's called.
4)  The vintage dresses designed for FR that have the fuller skirts need the larger bust to truly look their best, especially if the dress is fitted.  Here is Renegade Dasha modeling "I Know A Place".
And I can never do a redressing post without including Agnes Von Weiss.  October Issue insisted on showing you how "Just An Impression" looks.
This one needed a slight modification in the back to look right.
So, as a summary:
  • Most skirts fit and will close in the back!
  • Fashions designed for Monogram/NuFace usually fit but may not close completely in the back
  • Short sleeve blouses, bodysuits, and sweaters fit quite well
  • Although pants aren't long enough, the capris look great!
  • Dresses with fitted bodices require pinning or threading to pull the excess cloth back.  
Randall Craig's clothing is very well made.  It is tailored beautifully, lined, and exquisitely designed.  Unfortunately, Randall Craig hasn't released anything new in the past couple of years, so it's getting increasingly difficult to find.  Some of the items bring a high secondary market price since Silkstone and other 12" doll collectors are always on the search for fashions as well.   I hope this series has been beneficial to my readers.  If anyone has "A Little Moonlight" for a reasonable price, let me know!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And the Award for Biggest Integrity Dress Goes To ….

It's been almost two months since I have reviewed a doll.  Some of this is because collectors haven't received anything new since the ITBE Lingerie line in late March/early April.  After seeing a photo from my friend Reese on Flickr of In Full Regalia wearing the gown, I decided to finally debox this doll.

Mademoiselles Jolie "Ombres Poetique" is a "mini giftset" that was offered to W Club members in 2014 (I used my $20 gift coupon toward her purchase of $150 + shipping).  She was mailed in January, but I had mixed feelings when I looked at her.  I was even considering the option of some facial enhancements.

Here is a photo of Mlle Jolie inside her box.  As you can see she comes with nice lingerie.  Surprisingly, this is the first set of lingerie made exclusively for the FR2 body.   (The doll is wearing the  coordinating panty under the gown.)
As "mini giftset" the accessories are minimal.  There is one pair of shoes, a necklace, earrings, clutch, and additional set of hands.  The necklace is quite unique as it is several odd pieces strung together.
The ribbons on those shoes just made me cringe to look at them.  Back in the plastic and put away.  I found some other shoes easier to put on and take off.
Here she is, Ombres Poetique Mademoiselles Jolie, wearing the biggest gown every produced by Integrity Toys.  It's HUGE!  It's sort of like Mattel's Silkstone "In The Pink"; it's so voluminous.  I am not a fan of "unfinished edges" (C'mon guys this is definitely a Barbie Silkstone thing - White Diamonds and Gala Gown).  The tea-stain color just makes it look dirty to me.  Unfortunately, I believe Place Vendome Victoire Roux from the 2012 Tropicalia Convention is a superior version of a gown using this color.
Since I've been redressing dolls in Randall Craig fashions recently, I thought I would try a different gown.   Any help identifying the name of this one would be appreciated! It's a lovely fit!
How about something more "business"?  Maybe Randall Craig's "Fur Suited".  It's a winter ensemble, but I wanted something very luxe for this lady.  Love her in this!  Another great fit!
And even though my original intention was to let the hair down and change the lip color/eye shadow, I think she is quite striking.  I may enjoy her as presented for a while before making that decision.
Personally, I believe she is very lovely and was worth the price.  It is a beautiful use of the Luchia/Isha sculpt.   As there were over 1200 in the edition size, she can still be picked up on the secondary market at good price.  I know it feels nice to get a doll that is so perfect when you open the box!