Sunday, October 6, 2019

#30 of 2019 (+ #31, #32 and #33) Yeti To Wear Tulabelle True

Surfing the internet looking at doll photos is one of the most financially dangerous things a collector can do, especially when paired with a "dolly drought" like we've had this year.    A couple entries ago, I posted that I had (at first reluctantly) started collecting The Industry line from Integrity Toys (IT) When I First Started Collecting The Industry.

It all started by my being seduced by the Style Lab ensembles from the past couple year's conventions and the fact that IT had even produced some Poppy Parker convention dolls on the The Industry body.  Since pre-convention prices on secondary market were quite tempting, I added the first two Tulabelle True dolls to my collection.  It sort of "released the flood gates".

Earlier this summer, IT announced that they were changing the Tulabelle True mold, hoping it would help jump start collector interest in this line.  This caused me to check out the prices on a couple of the later versions I hadn't added to my collection.  It was very easy to acquire the caucasian Fairytale Convention Tulabelle at almost convention cost.  She was sold nude NRFB.  I believe this girl is extremely under-rated! 

#30 of 2019 is Fairytale Tulabelle True
I was surprised to find the last mainline Tulabelle True still available at dealers!  Snatched one up on sale even!  Strawberry blonde hair and green eyes!  How could you go wrong?  I believe this is the best version of mold 1.0!

#31 of 2019 Come Thru Tulabelle True
While I was visiting dealers' websites, I found a Style Saviour Liu Liu Lang still at retail.   Following my rules for not making spontaneous purchases, I went on flickr to view IRL photos of this doll companion of Tulabelle.   Unfortunately, I found this photo:  Style Saviour Perfection.  Did you click on it?  Do you want one now, too?  I had to have one after seeing this photo.  I, eventually, hope to customize my own as a copy.  

#32 of 2019 Style Saviour Liu Liu Lang
All of this brings me to the doll released by IT using the Tulabelle True mold 2.0, Yeti For It.  I won the "Right To Purchase Lottery" for this doll.  She is an actual 12" version from the 16" line that is now retired.  (I'm hoping to see a Pomp & Circumstance and Sweet Tartan.)

Here are the preview photos from Integrity Toys:
I was so excited when she arrived.  She reminds me of a young Marie Osmond.  I remember watching the Donny and Marie variety show when I was a little a girl, so I love the reference.  Here is a "real life" photo.  This giftset came "fully loaded"!
Here is a close up in the box:
One out of box!  (My only complaint would be that the body and head have slightly varying skin tones.  This seems to be a common production flaw this year.)
She redresses so well!
#33 of 2019 Yeti For It Tulabelle True.