Saturday, April 13, 2013


Last week, I introduced my new Out Sass Vanessa.  I ended up with two because she was the last 12" exclusive in the W Club.  I knew last year that I wanted to go to the W Club Convention.  Just in case my husband decided to go with me (which he did), I got a W Club membership for him also. 

I didn't order the upgrade dolls last year.  I didn't order any W Club doll until Out Sass.  Included with your W Club membership is a $20 credit toward the purchase of a W Club doll.  Since I hadn't purchased anything all year, I had to get two Out Sass or lose one of the $20 credits.

When I opened the second doll to check her, I was in for a big surprise.  The two dolls look very different.
Their eyes and foreheads are not the same.  The one on the left looks very feminine and soft.  She has a higher forehead which makes her face look more oval.  The lower eyelashes are separated from the upper.  The one on the right looks more dramatic.  Her eye makeup looks darker.  The eyelashes meet.  Her forehead is lower, giving her a rounder looking face.

I had posted the one on the right for sale; then realized the difference with the help of a doll friend.  What to do?!  I called my deboxed Vanessas to help make a decision.
They wanted to know why Out Sass was getting deboxed while "Glow", "Metal Maven", "Temptation", and "High Point" were still in their boxes.  I didn't have an answer.  But it is important to choose which one is staying, so the other can find a good home.  We still haven't reached a decision.  Any help from my readers would be appreciated.  (By the way ... I have come to realize there are too many Vanessa dolls living here, but I can't bring myself to part with these girls.)

So ... I decided to take this time to finally choose a model for the Poesie Vanessa sheath I highlighted in an earlier post.  I knew this would take my mind off this confusion ... redressing is always a good distraction.  The doll chosen to wear the new ensemble is ....
I think she really does this outfit justice.  And since I was redressing ... the Hazelstreet Jeans I ordered during their Easter sale arrived.  A couple of my NuFace models insisted on getting out of their winter clothing and stand in line for tickets for a summer concert.
I think Nadja is such an under-rated doll.  She is difficult to photograph, but she is so exotic.  I think it is about time we got another version of Ms Rhymes.
What was this blog about again?  .... Oh, yeah ... what to do with Out Sass.