Friday, December 13, 2013

Not So Much A "Beast"

I really like Integrity's Nu-Fantasy line.  Last year's Hansel and Gretel were #2 in my "Best of 2012".   This year's Beauty and the Beast was eagerly anticipated.  As a clever spin, Integrity made "Beauty" the guy and "The Beast" the girl.   Since I decided to no longer collect hommes, I passed on "Beauty" and was very hesitant about "The Beast".   Fortunately, I had some money "burning a hole in my paypal account".
I believe this poor dolls suffers from being cast in the shadow of an incredible Convention Collection.   I'm surprised she isn't receiving more love.  Just look at this face up.
I almost feel like Vanessa 1.0 is back.   In the promotional material, Integrity only referred to this as a "new mold"; however, collectors were quick to figure out that this is the mold IT is currently using for Pizzaz from the Gem and Holograms line of dolls.

Here she is out of box and standing on her own in full stock.  The vest, trimmed in black fur, is awesome.  (I hate to sound silly, but I was ecstatic to finally get a brown leather belt!!)
It is hard to tell, but the pants and boots are BROWN … which are a very nice change.  The boots have very high spike heels and little leather accents with chains.  The pants have red lacing accents on the sides.  It is a very intricate outfit.

There have been many complaints about the hair which, apparently, is inconsistent between dolls.  My doll's hair doesn't look too bad.  Here she is from behind.
When you take off the vest, she is wearing a beautiful red bustier.
For some reason, she looks very "Mask of Zorro" to me.  Although I do have a sword from my Pirates of the Caribbean Barbie, she preferred the Silkstone riding crop.
It must be the influence of that wild 1980's sex hair.   As you can see, this doll is on the FR2 body in caucasian skin tone.   I am very impressed with the presentation and look forward to future editions of this face mold.  It is lovely.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Flickr Games and Posting Threads

One of my favorite parts of the doll collecting hobby is interacting with other collectors.  Although I've never met many of the individuals who comment on my blog, post photos to flickr accounts that I follow, or write comments to the doll community message boards I frequent, it means so much to me to be able to share their joys of collecting.

I am still fairly new to flickr and am not fully competent with "Tag Games".   Recently I was tagged for a game called "Most Wanted Outfits and Accessories".  I joined in.  Here was my list.

On a doll board, someone asked the question - "Is there a doll that you were not fond of when it was released, then decided it was a WOW doll?"  Actually, I recently discovered a doll that I had never been able to appreciate.   Maybe the doll suffered from a poor wardrobe choice.  I don't know why, but I had never even considered adding this doll to my collection ….

Until recently when I saw some gorgeous photos of her on Flickr.   She is a version of my very favorite Integrity mold.   She has a hair color I don't have in my collection.  Now that she's here, I don't understand how I could have missed recognizing her beauty.
She is Face Time Eugenia.  People tease about her "hair bump".   I like it for now.  I may take it down in the future, but for now I am enjoying her in "stock presentation".   I purchased her nude with her hair net still tied on.  Her hair had never been touched, and she still had the plastic knee protectors on her legs.  I got her at a great price on The Doll Page, and she joined my Eugenia arm last week.  She really is "WOW".